Someone requested that this be available as a PDF. I obliged, and you can download it here.

Creating and monitoring various goals for your blog is one of the most effective, efficient, and interesting ways of improving your blog.

You know I love creating big lists, so below are 101 different blogging goals. You definitely shouldn’t make every one of them a goal of yours (that would be insane!); pick and choose a few to work on. You’ll eventually reach them, and then you can either raise the bar a bit or add some new goals to the mix.

And ok, I admit that not all of these are blogging goals, per se; some are Facebook or Twitter goals. But the vast majority of them are still goals that most bloggers can shoot for to improve their blogs.

The goals are very roughly sorted by category.


  • Comment on X number of blogs a day
  • Get X number of comments a day
  • Get X number of comments per post
  • Get X number of comments on your blog per month
  • Get X number of comments on guest posts
  • Comment on X number of NEW blogs a day
  • Reply to every blog comment
  • Delete spam comments daily
  • Comment on every Blogging Bookshelf post :)


  • Get X amount more traffic
  • Decrease your bounce rate
  • Increase number of page views
  • Increase number of unique visitors
  • Get X amount of traffic from source Y
  • Get X number of total referrals daily
  • Get X visitors from search engines
  • Look at your analytics daily/weekly/monthly
  • Get readers from every country, US state, etc.


  • Sign up for a Twitter account!
  • Get X number more Twitter followers per week
  • Have a certain followers:following ratio
  • Tweet X number of times a day or week
  • Get X retweets per post
  • Tweet each of your posts X number of times
  • Answer all @mentions before going to bed
  • Have a certain Tweeting Your Content vs. Tweeting Others’ Content ratio
  • Spend X amount of time on Twitter daily
  • Get X number of tweets per guest post


  • Get X shares or likes per post
  • Create a Facebook fan page
  • Add fan page widget to your blog
  • Update your fan page X times a week/day
  • Comment or post on others’ fan pages X times a week
  • Like X number of others’ Facebook pages weekly
  • Get X number of new friends every week


  • Work on your blog a certain number of hours daily or weekly
  • Work on product creation X amount per day or week
  • Check broken links monthly
  • Run a contest on your blog (either one time or every quarter, etc.)


  • Write X articles per week and submit them to article directories
  • Write X guest posts per week or month
  • Write a free ebook every month (or some other period of time)
  • Write X number of words per day
  • Write X blog posts per week or month
  • Send out X emails to your list per month
  • Always have at least X posts ready to go in the queue
  • Write your posts X days before they’re published
  • Try a new kind of blog post (every week/month) that you’ve never done before
  • Link to one other “friendly” blog per post


  • Create or get X backlinks per week
  • Submit each post to whatever social bookmarking sites you choose
  • Make a certain amount of money per month
  • Read X number of blogs per day
  • Get a certain Technorati “Authority” score
  • Get a certain Technorati rank (either overall or in a certain category)
  • Get to a certain spot for a certain keyword on Google
  • Learn about something you’ve been curious about before a certain date
  • Have (or get) X number of RSS subscribers
  • Have (or get) X number of email list subscribers
  • Have a certain % open rate for your email list emails
  • Meet or talk with a like-minded individual about your blogging (on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis)
  • Answer all emails before bed
  • Start another blog before X (date)
  • Quit a blog if not meeting criteria X before Y (date)
  • Read one book related to my niche every week (month, etc.)
  • Create 1 video post every X
  • Tweak your existing posts for better SEO (do this for X posts a week)
  • Email and thank one reader/subscriber every X amount of time
  • Invest in one useful product every X (month, quarter, etc.)
  • Read about a certain topic that you need to know more about X number of minutes/hours a day/week
  • Spend X minutes daily/weekly networking on social bookmarking sites
  • Have X number of guest posts on your own blog
  • Lower your Alexa ranking by a certain number each week or month
  • Get your Alexa ranking below a certain threshold
  • Plan your next day’s blogging tasks before going to bed
  • Clean up your blogging workspace every day before bed
  • Review your goals every day/week/month
  • Regularly attend a conference or networking event in your niche
  • Get advertiser(s) for your blog


  • Get your layout/design to look the way you want it to
  • Sign up for those social media/networking/bookmarking sites that you’ve been eyeing but haven’t signed up for yet
  • Create those blog pages that you haven’t done yet (like your Guest Posting, Archives, or Privacy Policy pages)
  • Interview that person you’ve been meaning to interview
  • Create those autoresponder emails you’ve been putting off
  • Evaluate what actions your taking and figure out what’s just busy work and what is actually getting you results
  • Brainstorm a list of future blog post ideas
  • Make a list of keywords to include in future post titles and posts
  • Create a detailed, step-by-step plan for achieving one of your goals
  • Monetize your blog through a method you haven’t explored yet
  • Start a podcast
  • Set up an email newsletter
  • Write that ebook!
  • Comment on that blog that you read but never comment on
  • Help someone else start up a blog
  • Come up with some product ideas that you can start assessing and then working on
  • Write for the top 3 (or however many) blogs in your niche (could also be a recurring goal!)
  • Reduce the clutter in your sidebar/nav menu/footer/whatever
  • Make enough money blogging that you can quit your day job
  • Learn software X better (or for a certain amount of time weekly)
  • Try that one traffic generation strategy that you’ve been wondering about
  • Dive deeper into WordPress or whatever other blogging platform you use
  • Achieve a certain Google PageRank
  • Form a solid relationship with one (some?) of the top bloggers in your field

Final Words

Blogging GoalsHopefully that list was enough to get the wheels turning. And don’t forget that the monthly blogging calendar is a great way to keep track of these goals.

Of course, a set goal is worthless if you never monitor your progress. Goal-setting is NOT a one time thing (see the accompanying  chart).

Remind yourself of these goals on a regular basis, and evaluate your progress as necessary.

And finally, don’t be afraid of getting rid of a goal if you realize that it’s not the best use of your time or energy!

  • Which of these goals stuck out to you?
  • What are some other great blogging goals?
  • What are some of YOUR blogging goals for the near future?
  • What are your long term blogging goals?