My 101 Blogging Tips ebook is now $2.99 and includes links to the PDF and MP3 versions of the ebook for FREE.

[Note: That the price will vary from country to country. In countries where there is a Kindle Store (the UK, Italy, France, etc.) it will cost approximately $2.99 in the local currency. Elsewhere in the world, Amazon tacks on a $2 download fee to every Kindle book.]

Here’s how it works

Go to the book’s page on Amazon and buy the Kindle version of the book. You don’t need a Kindle to read it; you can read it online in your browser the second after you buy it by going to Amazon’s free Cloud Reader web app. On the very last page of the Kindle version of the book (which you can obviously also read on a Kindle or on any of the free Kindle reading apps for other devices) is a password and a link to a password-protected web site. Go to that URL, enter in the password, and you’ll be able to download the PDF and MP3 files for free. You don’t need to give me your email address or tweet about the book or any of that crap.

“What if I’ve already bought the book?”

Since the book has been bought already by a couple hundred people, this is a good question. Unfortunately, Amazon makes it unnecessarily difficult to get the new/updated version of any Kindle ebook. You can’t just re-download it. You have to ask for it from Kindle Support. Use the phrase “Please send the updated version of 101 Blogging Tips: How to Create a Blog That People Will Find, Read, and Share to my Kindle account.” (I stole that phrase from here.) That should work, but note that you’ll lose any highlights or notes you made in your original version.

Of course you can also just re-purchase the book. It IS only $2.99 after all, but I think you have to delete it from your Kindle account first. Like I said, Amazon doesn’t make this easy.

Other notes

I recorded the audio version of the ebook myself on my computer. I’m not a professional voice actor and I don’t have professional recording equipment, but it’s definitely plenty clear enough to listen to and not want to rip your eardrums out. If you want to know how I recorded it or how I set up the password-protected site or anything else about the ebook publishing process, let me know and I’ll consider writing about it in future blog posts here on The Backlight.

I’m not selling the PDF or MP3 versions separately, so please don’t ask. The Kindle book is currently enrolled in Amazon’s Kindle Owners’ Lending Library program which means that the ebook has to be exclusive to Amazon for a period of time.

In this updated version of 101 Blogging Tips I also fixed some stupid typographical errors.

As part of this mini relaunch, I also set up so that I’d have a site to send people to. Check it out and leave me some feedback.

Thanks, and let me know if you have any comments or questions!