I thought I’d try something new with my latest ebook. Instead of launching it normally (i.e., as a paid product), I’d launch it for a day only as a free download.

The 138 Best Chrome Extensions

My newest ebook, The 138 Best Chrome Extensions.

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[Note 2: It might not be free for you, depending on your country. If it isn’t free at the Amazon.com link below, search for it on your local Amazon store, like Amazon.es, or Amazon.fr.]

It’s called The 138 Best Chrome Extensions. The book was originally going to be The 101 Best Chrome Extensions, but there were too many good ones to leave out. It’s a Kindle book, but you don’t need a Kindle to read it. There are a bunch of free apps available for other devices (including Windows PC, Mac, Android device, iPhone, iPad, etc.). There’s even a free web app if you don’t have those devices and want to read it in your browser. Just go to read.amazon.com after you download it and you can read it right there in your browser.

Here’s the thing. It is free today only on Amazon as a Kindle book. But I ask that if you download it, you solemnly swear that you will leave a review of the the book on Amazon ASAP. When I normally launch a new Kindle book, the book is full-priced right from the start. If I get a lot of reviews on this ebook quickly by offering it for free, I’ll have a free period for all of my subsequent ebooks.

So please, do me a favor and do yourself a favor. Download this ebook and leave an honest review as soon as you can. It could mean that you’ll have the opportunity to get all of my future ebooks for free. 

Click here to be taken to the ebook’s page on Amazon. That’s also where you can find out more about the book itself, like how long it is and what kinds of extensions have been included. Let me just say here that I installed hundreds and hundreds of extensions before finding these 138. They’re freaking awesome, and I am not exaggerating when I say that some of them have changed my life. They will save you time, make your life easier, and yes, even save you money.

If you don’t want to download it and read it and review it, at the very least, go to the product page and click the “like” button next below the title (it’s different from a Facebook like).


Oh, and what do you think of that cover? It’s my favorite ebook cover that I’ve done so far :)

Again, go here to download the book.