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The Single Most Important Element of a Successful Blog

This is a long post; as such, I’ve also made it a PDF ebook that you can download. The download link is at the end of the post.

The idea for this blog post has been simmering in my mind for some time now, but it finally caramelized this morning. Someone emailed me a guest post that they’d like to see posted on Blogging Bookshelf. I’m currently not accepting guest posts, but I read it anyway and sent the following email back

Even if I were currently accepting guest posts, I don’t think I’d publish this one. There’s not really anything new or amazing there. All of it is pretty much common sense for most bloggers. I want my readers to say “Wow” or “Huh. I’ve never thought of that” after every post, and I didn’t get that after reading yours.

Harsh? Maybe a little bit, though I wasn’t trying to be a jerk and meant to say it in as nice a manner as possible. That got the wheels turning a little bit, and then I realized what the key ingredient to any successful blog was, and why I religiously read the blogs that I religiously read. What was that key ingredient?


November 29th, 2010|

The Poor Man’s Complete Guide to Outsourcing an Entire Freaking Blog

The blogosphere is all abuzz about outsourcing. The idea of paying some guy in the Philippines $100 a month to build a blog, write content, get you on the front page of Google, and make tons of money for you is pretty alluring.

To be honest, I’m not really into that whole scene. I suck at creating niche sites and blogs, and don’t really want to spend the time or brainpower on instructing someone else to make them. But I have outsourced a couple things with varying levels of success, and I wanted to share some of my experiences and let you know how you can outsource the stuff you don’t want to do or are unable to do.

Oh, and it’ll only cost you $5.


November 26th, 2010|

Tristan Higbee Sharing How He Dealt With Loss of Motivation

This is a guest post I did over at Find My Blog Way. Click here to read it.

November 26th, 2010|


Sorry, I messed up when I published this post. Please click here for the post you’re looking for!

November 25th, 2010|

Is Your Content King? [INFOGRAPHIC]

We’ve all heard “Content is king,” right? It’s pretty much as close to a cliché as we’ve got in the blogging world. But what does it mean, exactly? What differentiates “peasant” content from “prince” content from “king” content? What does “king content” entail?

Check out this suh-weet infographic and find out!


November 24th, 2010|

How Watching Reality TV Got Me More Newsletter Subscribers

This summer I watched several episodes of a reality television show called The Antonio Treatment. Antonio is a pierced and tattooed interior designer who converts boring spaces (rooms, garages, shops, etc.) into crazy awesome ones (it’s cool, I promise!). In one episode, he was redoing a little vintage clothing shop in Los Angeles. He mentioned how the cash register area (which he called the point of sale) was in a dark corner at the back of the store, and how bad this was for business. He suggested that the point of sale needed to be in the MIDDLE of the store where it was easily accessible from everywhere. You want to make buying your product as easy and comfortable as possible for your customers, right?

As I was watching that episode, I had an epiphany. In order to get more newsletter subscribers, you need to put your point of sale (your newsletter opt-in form) as close to where your readers will be as possible.

You want to “make sales” (get subscribers), right? Then you need to have MULTIPLE points of sale! How? Keep reading!


November 22nd, 2010|

8 Keys That Gave Me a Thriving, Popular Blog in a Month

Ok, “thriving” and “popular” are extremely subjective, but compared to what the blog was before, I think that’s an accurate statement :)

As of yesterday, Blogging Bookshelf is a month old. I’ve been EXTREMELY pleased with the progress of the site so far and with all of the amazing people I’ve been able to meet. I didn’t quite know what to expect when I started this blog, but I think it’s safe to say the result has been way more positive than I thought it would be.

So how did I go from absolutely zero traffic and zero readers a month ago to my last blog post getting 87 comments and 32 retweets? Glad you asked! Keep reading :)


November 19th, 2010|

8 Ways to Enjoy Stress-Free Blogging

This is a guest post I did over at Steve Scott Site. Click here to read it.

November 18th, 2010|

How to get 1000 Retweets: What Gets Retweeted and What Doesn’t

Twitter has been my #1 traffic source here on Blogging Bookshelf. That little gray and green TweetMeme rectangle (the one directly to the left of these words) and I are BFFs (or best friends forever, if you’re not down with the kids’ jive these days).

Blogging Bookshelf is almost a month old now (it will be tomorrow), and I decided to go back and see which posts here have gotten the most retweets and why I think that is.

But wait, there’s more! I’m also going to examine one of the biggest blogs around that get tons of retweets and see if I can figure out why that is.

Let’s do it!


November 17th, 2010|

These Are Not the Droids You’re Looking For: Using the Force to Influence Other Bloggers

You remember that scene from the first of the original Star Wars movies, right? There are imperial stormtroopers (bad guys) looking for the two droids, C-3PO and R2-D2. But then Obi Wan Kenobi, the master Jedi (good guy), waves his hand and, using The Force, says, “These are not the droids you’re looking for.” And then the head stormtrooper says, “These are not the droids we’re looking for.” Obi Wan, Luke, and the droids continue on their merry way toward all sorts of mischief and (mis)adventures.

Wouldn’t it be sweet to have that kind of control over your readers and other bloggers that you interact with? To just wave your hand and say, “Leave a comment,” “Link back to my blog,” “Promote my product,” and they do just that?

Well, keep reading. I’ll be Obi Wan, you be Luke, and I’ll teach you how to use the force.


November 15th, 2010|