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6 Important Recent Developments in Internet Marketing

Note: This will be my only post for the week, and it’s a quick one. I’m finishing up my road trip and am somewhere in the mountains of  northern or central California as you read this.

A lot has been going on in the past week or so in the internet marketing world. I originally wanted to write about a couple of new things in separate posts, but this way is faster and easier for everyone involved. Here are 6 new things you should be aware of.


August 29th, 2011|

Steve Jobs, You Finally Made Me a Believer. Congratulations.

You’ve undoubtedly heard by now that Steve Jobs has resigned as the CEO of Apple. Now, I don’t think Steve Jobs is a god. I don’t like his mock turtlenecks. I did not cry or get a lump in my throat when I head the news. For years I thought Macs were overrated and underpriced.

I do, however, love the new MacBook Air I bought last month. It’s my first Mac, and in honor of Steve Jobs’ departure from Apple, here’s the story of how and why I went from Mac hater to Mac evangelist.


August 25th, 2011|

5 Ways to Keep Yourself from Starting a New Blog

Most of us who blog really love what we write about and love the idea of having a captive audience. This blogging thing is both fun and addicting, and I know that I personally always have the urge to start a new blog to talk about whatever it is I’m into at the moment.

But I’m also a fan of focusing on one blog at a time. I’ve tried to juggle multiple blogs and it just doesn’t work for me. Here are 5 things that keep me grounded and allow me to focus on the success of my one main blog.


August 22nd, 2011|

An Ingenious New (Really!) Way to Make Money Blogging

I ran across a great blog post the other day about why Dropbox was recently valued at a staggering $5 billion and how it got to that stage. It was an interesting post, but it was what I saw in the sidebar that really intrigued me…


August 18th, 2011|

10 Ways I Could (Should?) Be Making More Money with My Blog Right Now

Note: My buddy Danny at Firepole Marketing is going to be doing a free Big Results from Small Lists webinar on Thursday, and it looks pretty cool. He’s also got a limited-time-only marketing course on sale now. I’m not an affiliate or anything; I just wanted to spread the word for those who might be interested.

I currently make all of my money through this blog. But there are a bunch of things I can and should be doing to make even more. Here I talk about 10 of those things. And I bet they’d make a difference to your bottom line, too.


August 15th, 2011|

How to Add More Value to an eBook (or Any Digital Product)

EDIT: By Thursday night, this post only had 3 comments. That’s no good, so I’m canning the blog-every-day-this-week endeavor and I won’t be updating the blog again until the post has a lot more comments.

Today was day 3 in my Week of eBook Consumption. This week I’m decluttering my ebook collection and writing something about it every day.

Why is it that ebooks can cost so much more than real books? Well, there are a number of reasons, with one of them being that you can add more value into an ebook than you can with a real book. In this blog post I go over exactly how you can add more value to an ebook or other digital product, which benefits both you and your customer.

And by the way, I think this is one of the best blog posts I’ve written recently :)


August 10th, 2011|

3 Big Things to Keep in Mind When Naming Your eBooks (and Some Bonus Tips)

Note: This is the Week of eBook Consumption here on Blogging Bookshelf. I’m decluttering my ebook collection and writing about it every day this week.

One thing I’ve been amazed at over the past couple days is just how terrible some ebooks’ titles are. Like… punch-me-in-the-face or throw-up-in-my-mouth terrible. Here are 3 ways to make sure your ebook’s title doesn’t induce a gag reflex.


August 9th, 2011|

8 Types of Really Crappy eBooks (Yours Isn’t One, Is it?)

Today was the first day of my Week of eBook Consumption. I organized my collection of 900+ ebooks and ended up deleting about 300 of them.

Man, there are a lot more crappy ebooks out there than I had previously realized! Below I’ve classified them into 8 different categories. Be sure to add your own in the comments.


August 8th, 2011|

The Week of eBook Consumption: A Cure for Compulsive eBook Hoarding

I don’t know about you, but over the past couple years I’ve amassed a massive collection of ebooks, both free and paid. I’ve never read the vast majority of them, but all of that will change this week.

Oh, and I’m going to blog every day this week about what I learned that day. Care to join me?


August 7th, 2011|

A New Goldmine of High Quality Blog Post Ideas

NOTE: There will be no blog post on Thursday, August 4 because I’m busy traveling. Stay tuned for the next Blogging Bookshelf post on Monday, August 8. Thanks!

I know we’ve all seen those “10 Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas” posts, and they usually rehash the same handful of tired ideas. This is different, I promise.


August 1st, 2011|