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Good or Bad?: The Super Massive RSS Subscribe Button

I often see things on other websites and blogs and think, “Huh, that’s interesting. I should write about that.” But then I think, “Nah, I wouldn’t have more than a couple hundred words to say.” At the end of the day, though, I doubt anyone really cares how long my blog posts are. So… […]

February 28th, 2012|

My New Website, Why I Started It, and How It’s Already Making Money

This past week I finally pulled the trigger on an idea that I’ve been mulling over for a while. I figured I’d share how I got the idea, why I went through with it, and how I’ll make money with it. […]

February 24th, 2012|

I Wish I Had Found This Free Web App a Long, Long Time Ago

I just ran across one of the must useful websites for bloggers I’ve ever seen. Maybe everyone knows about it and I’m just late to the party, but it’s amazing. Oh, and it’s 100% free. […]

February 21st, 2012|

This Is The Wrong Way to Inquire About Guest Posting on Another Blog

[EDIT 2/13/12: I won’t be updating the blog this week.] I’ve gotten several emails from people in the last few weeks asking about guest posting here. I’ve said no to all of them, and here’s why. […]

February 10th, 2012|

How My First Kindle eBook Became a #1 Bestseller (and 5 Other Things I Learned)

I released my first Kindle ebook a couple weeks ago. Here are 6 things I learned while self-publishing my first Kindle ebook, including how it became a #1 bestseller. […]

February 7th, 2012|