Though you may not be selling a product on your blog yet, at some point you’ll need to know how to get your readers to buy quickly. Ta-da! That’s what this post is for!

I have a lot of books, and I have no idea how Web Content Rx: A Quick and Handy Guide for Writers, Webmasters, Ebayers, and Business People came into my possession. But I was going through it recently and saw a list of a few ways to encourage your customers (or blog readers, in our case) to buy NOW instead of waiting. I expounded on some of them, removed a couple, and added some of my own points. The result was the glorious list that you can read below.

Let me say that here I have sold ebooks before (both my own and others) and these 6 tactics are things that I’ve done that have definitely improved sales and gotten me more money when I needed it.  Take a look and take notes!

Note: Most (but not all) of these apply to your own product. It’s hard to offer limited quantities of something that’s not yours, right? Also, there are a lot of links in this post, but only one is an affiliate link, for an ebook that I myself have already purchased.

1. Offer limited quantities

You’ve probably seen this before in the form of a limited number of spots in a webinar or coaching program. Scarcity and exclusivity help pique people’s interest and compel them to act now “before supplies run out.”

2. Offer a bonus

An example of this is Web Traffic ROI offering a Thesis Theme Bonus for those who buy Thesis through their affiliate link.

Another example is Yaro Starak and Gideon Shalwick got together to give away 7 free bonus videos for buying Popup Domination.

I also remember when Internet Business Mastery gave a free lifetime membership to their academy for anyone who bought the $2000 Product Launch Formula through them.

This is a great path to take if you’re doing affiliate marketing. If there’s a big new product coming out or a product that’s been around for a long time, there are probably a lot of affiliates trying to sell it. By offering some sort of bonus, you’re giving people a reason to buy through you.

3. Have a price deadline

“Call in the next ten minutes and pay only $19.95!” That’s what we’re talking about here, and it definitely works! I recently just bought an ebook about creating iPhone apps. It’s normally $97, but I bought it during a one-week sale when it was $77. I actually bought it on the last night of the sale. I wasn’t sure I wanted to buy it, but I thought, “What if I want to buy it in the future? I’ll have to spend an extra $20!” So I bought it then!

4. Have an availability deadline

Yaro Starak (again) runs his Blog Mastermind membership site (which lasts a few months, if I recall correctly) once or twice a year. There’s a limited time for people to sign up and if they don’t, they’ve got to wait another 6 months or year before it’s available. Smart, eh?

5. Give a coupon

Giving a discount or coupon for a product ensures that those undecided about buying have one more great reason to buy. It could be the thing that pushes them into the “buying” category.

I’m a member of the discount club for a local book store. I get emails a couple times a month with 30% or 40% off coupons. And do I go and buy books that I wouldn’t have bought otherwise? You better believe it!

6. Offer consultation

There are two kinds of consultation I’m talking about here:

1) Offer to answer any questions (via phone, email, Skype, whatever) about a product. I know that a lot of times I consider buying a product but have some questions about it. I don’t really want to have to send an email and wait for a reply, so I usually just end up not buying it. If there was a phone number somewhere on the site and I could get an answer to my questions in just a few minutes, there’s a much bigger chance I’d buy.

2) Ok, so this actually goes along with #2, but you can offer free advice or consulting as a bonus to those who buy a product.

And don’t forget…

You can also mix and match these techniques. For example, you can offer a bonus for only a limited time.

Sweet! Now that you know how to sell something, go out and find something to sell!

Got any other great tips? Leave them in a comment below!

Blog improvement tasks:

Come up with a list of potential products of services you can sell (you can do this even if you’re not yet ready to monetize your blog). These can be ebooks, plugins, themes, membership sites, whatever. Pick a couple and decide which of the above method(s) you’d use to quickly drive sales.