As I read other blogs, I’m always on the lookout for blog post ideas that I can take and apply to my own blogs. I came across one idea over the weekend that applies to pretty much every type of blog I can think of, so I figured I’d share it here.

The post that I saw was Fly or Die: How Long Is Qwikster of This World? on TechCrunch. It’s a video of two dudes at TechCrunch talking about the new Netflix spinoff company, Qwikster, and whether it will stick around and be successful (“fly”) or crash, burn, and go out of business (“die”). Pretty simple.

I thought this was a pretty neat blog post format. Though I have a list of 101 blog post ideas, this one isn’t on it. This kind of thing can work for any new company or product in any niche or market. When a new product comes out, say whether you think it will stand the test of time or whether it will go the way of the dodo.

Do you blog about surfing? Say whether or not that new board material or new company will still be there in X amount of time. Do you blog about photography? Talk about that new feature on the Nikon X3000R-7 and whether it is life-changing or just some fluff.

(I will say, however, that if you blog about aviation, “fly or die” probably isn’t the wordage you want to use.)

This blog post format will work for more than just companies and products, too. You can talk about trends in your niche and whether they’ll fly or die. You can talk about people in your niche and whether they’ll still be relevant in a year or two or 5 or 10. And then take it a step further. Talk about how the company/product/person/industry/whatever needs to change in order to stay relevant.

You can never have to many blog post ideas/prompts. Hopefully this one will be yet another useful arrow in your quiver.

  • Will this kind of blog post work in your niche? 
  • What’s an example of this kind of post as applied to your niche?
  • What are some other blog post ideas you’ve seen recently that caught your eye?