Hi. I’m Tristan. I started The Backlight in October 2010. It was then called Blogging Bookshelf, and was rebranded as The Backlight a year later.

I’ve written dozens of Kindle books (under my own name and a few different pen names), have created several other types of information products (you might want to check out Infographic Academy), and have been blogging for 9+ years now. I work on my business as I live in various countries around the world. I’m currently living in Cozumel, Mexico. (I very recently started posting my photos to Flickr if you’d like to see them.) I also run fkb.me (where I post links to free Kindle books daily) and a bunch of other stuff that you can see here (though not everything I do is listed).

The Backlight is about ideas for digital publishers. In other words, this blog is about infoproduct creation, digital publishing, new media, and internet marketing. In other, OTHER words, it’s all about creating digital content, getting as many people as possible to consume that content, and making money from that content.

More specific topics that fall under The Backlight’s umbrella include

  • eBooks
  • Blogging
  • Social media
  • Digital video
  • Membership sites
  • Online courses and tutorials
  • Digital audio and podcasting
  • Tech startups that deal with any of the above
  • Entrepreneurship as far as it pertains to someone creating any of the above

In the future, I’d love for the blog to include stuff related to software, web, and app development. But since I have zero experience with those things, I’ll have to rely on the experience of others.

Shoot me an email (products at longrangemedia dot com) if you have questions or would like to chat. I’m also on Twitter. Feel free to say hi!


Maintenance Log
January 4, 2013: Changed currently location from Cancun to Cozumel
January 2, 2013: I decided to abandon the The Backlight’s magazine, so I removed it from the nav menu and sidebar. The information that would have been there will be in the podcast from now on.
December 4, 2012: Changed current location from San Miguel de Allende to Cancun
December 2, 2012: Added this maintenance log to the site