Yesterday Amazon announced 3 new Kindles and a color tablet called the Kindle Fire. This is a big deal; it’s something that all bloggers and infopreneurs should pay attention to, even if you never plan on buying a Kindle.

Amazon’s big news and the big plan

The new Kindle family.

The new Kindle family.

First, let me quickly recap Amazon’s news from yesterday. Amazon announced a small regular Kindle ($79), two touch-screen Kindles (the Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G; $99 and $149 respectively), and the highly-anticipated color tablet, the Kindle Fire ($199).

So that’s a high-quality e-reader for $79 and a full-fledged color tablet for $199 (the cheapest iPad is $499), plus a couple options in between. That’s insanely cheap.

[Stay with me here, this will all come full circle back to blogging, I promise.]

Amazon is selling these devices for so little (likely at a slight loss, from what I understand) because the company wants to get them in as many people’s hands as possible. Amazon plans on making their money from selling content — like Kindle ebooks, MP3s, streaming videos, and apps — and not from selling the tablets themselves.

And the thing is, I think it’ll be wildly successful for Amazon. I’m willing to bet that Amazon will sell millions of Kindle Fires (I already ordered mine), not to mention the other new Kindle e-readers. And all of those millions of happy Kindle owners will need more and more content to consume. A lot more people will be buying Kindle ebooks, in particular.

This is where we come to the part of interest to bloggers and infopreneurs.

Cheap is huge and will get… huger

I think cheap (like 99 cents or $1.99) ebooks are the wave of the future. Currently 6 out of the top 10 bestselling Kindle ebooks are 99 cents or less. That says something. And that number will only increase with time.

With these new super-cheap Kindles (remember, the cheapest one is only $79), the cheap ebooks look to be even more popular than they are now, and it’s here that bloggers have a huge money-making opportunity. Sure, you’ll only make 30% of the sticker price on those 99 cent or $1.99 ebooks, but you’ll also have millions of rabid Amazon customers looking for cheap content. We all know how devilishly easy (and, dare I say it, fun) it is to buy something from Amazon. The Kindle Fire in particular will make it even easier and more fun.

The Kindle has had a massive impact on book publishing and ebook pricing. John Locke, for example, has sold over a million self-published Kindle ebooks at 99 cents each. And he wasn’t a famous author who then went to the Kindle. He sold his books for super cheap and then became a famous author.

I don’t think I’ve spent more than a few dollars on a book or ebook since I got my Kindle several months ago. It’s changed what I read and how much I’m willing to spend. Now I just read whatever’s super cheap and looks interesting. In the past few months, I’ve read books about Gatorade, Galileo, bicycles, Keith Richards, and the last emperor of China, all because those ebooks were on sale for $1.99 or less.

Every Kindle Fire tablet owner will just sit on his/her couch and browse and buy Kindle ebooks. Millions more ebooks will be sold compared to the current numbers, and people will be willing to take a chance on an ebook that costs the same as a couple candy bars. In fact, you know how people impulse-buy candy bars at the checkout line in supermarkets? It’ll be the same thing with the cheap Kindle ebooks. “Oh, don’t mind if I do…” In fact, I just bought a 99 cent ebook as I was writing this article. Darn Amazon store…

I’m not saying that more expensive ebooks ($9 to $27) are dead. They’ve still got lots of life in them and they can be a great value for people buying them and a great moneymaker for people selling them. But don’t forget about the little guy.

My message to bloggers and infopreneurs is this: Start creating those cheap ebooks. Make them fast and make a lot of them. If you need ebook ideas, check out my list of 31 ebook ideas. I think each of those could quickly be turned into a solid 99 cent ebook. I’m going to be come out with several of my own in the future.

  • What do you think? Are these new Amazon devices a big deal or not?
  • Do you shop for reading material in the Amazon Kindle store?
  • Do you have a Kindle or some other e-reading device?
  • Do you have any desire to create 99 cent ebooks?
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