I’ve been “collecting” good and bad ebook covers for a little while now and figured it was a good time to show them to the world.

I created a new site called eBook Coverage to house them. Here’s what it looks like:

eBook Coverage

It’s really simple. Click on the dude on the left (the dejected one with his head down) to see a random Kindle ebook with a bad cover. Click on the dude on the right (the one proudly planting his flag) to be taken to a random Kindle ebook with a good cover. Right now it’s just Kindle books, though I might add PDFs in the future.

Regardless of whether you’re creating Kindle ebooks or PDF ebooks or some other kind of ebook or infoproduct cover, eBook Coverage can inspire (and uninspire) you. Right now there are currently 101 bad ebook covers and 67 good ebook covers. I see thousands of ebook covers a week as part of running fkb.me, so I’ll definitely be adding more batches of good and bad covers in the future.

You can click the “about & updates” link on the page there to find out more about the site, and to be notified when I add more (which will probably be every couple weeks).

101 Bad eBook CoversAnd I also created a free PDF ebook called 101 Bad eBook Covers. I took the 101 bad ebook covers that you’d eventually see if you clicked the guy on the left a bunch of times and combined them all into a single 15-page ebook. Again, it’s totally free, but I do ask that you tweet about the site first. Just click the black “tweet” button in the bar at the top of the screen on eBook Coverage and you’ll be told what to do (it’s one of those “Pay With a Tweet” things). After you tweet it, you can download it right there for free. You don’t need to submit your email address or anything like that.

If you want to find eBook Coverage again in the future but don’t remember what it’s called, I’ve added a big yellow link in the sidebar of The Backlight.

So yeah, let me know what you think!

  • How do you like the site?
  • Post your favorite good or bad ebook covers in the comments (they can be ones you found via eBook Coverage but don’t have to be).

[And yes, all of the Amazon links from eBook Coverage are Amazon Associates links so I get a very small commission if you buy something on Amazon soon after I send you there. It doesn’t cost you anything and in no way affects your Amazon experience. It helps me keep being able to provide you with great content for free or for 99 cents.]