A couple months ago the idea to start a magazine related to what I write about here on The Backlight popped into my head, and the first issue is now live.

Digital Publishing Lab (Issue #1)

Digital Publishing Lab (Issue #1)

Digital Publishing Lab is the magazine companion to The Backlight. It is a collection of thoughts and ideas relating to digital publishing, infoproduct creation, internet business, and blogging. The articles are usually relatively short and most were written as responses to things heard and seen in the world of digital publishing. I also share useful tools that I’ve come across recently. The articles in Digital Publishing Lab have never been published on The Backlight or anywhere else.

The PDF version of each new issue of the magazine (which will come out every month or so) will be sent out for FREE to those who have subscribed to The Backlight’s newsletter. The first issue has already been sent out. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter (the form is in the left sidebar here at TheBacklight.com) to receive all future issues for free.

This magazine has no photos and all of the articles in the current issue were written by me. It’s essentially a 10,000-word ebook.

Here’s a list of articles included in the first issue:

  • The genesis of Digital Publishing Lab
  • A Pinterest tool and request
  • Kindle publishing notes
  • So THAT is how they make money
  • Content delivery
  • The glory of podcasts
  • “Internet business,” “startups,” and “entrepreneurs”
  • Being an entrepreneur sucks
  • Procrastination, poetry, and onions
  • Yeah, I can GIF that
  • Success
  • A fantastic word count tool
  • The power of a series of products
  • Pinterest as a blogging platform
  • Why things are done the way they’re done
  • The thrill and value of real, positive feedback
  • 9 blogs I would start right now if I had the time
  • Facebook as a premium publishing platform
  • Compile your content into digest form
  • Bullet points
  • The easiest ways to clear formatting
  • 3 ways communities are formed
  • A great newsletter email
  • A blog as a knowledge repository
  • A niche blog or book idea
  • Daily roundups
  • A hidden side benefit of read-it-later services and apps
  • The Magazine
  • An SEO tip I’ve never heard before
  • A crowdsourced news roundup podcast
  • An idea for a digital product that would provide recurring revenue
  • Contributing to Digital Publishing Lab

If you’re on the mailing list and received the ebook, let me know what you think. If you missed this issue, hop on the mailing list and stay tuned for the future issues. More info about Digital Publishing Lab can be found at http://blog.osmosio.com/magazine, or just click “The Magazine” in The Backlight’s navigation menu.