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As much as I love blogging, the internet, and my laptop, my life isn’t entirely digital or extraordinarily high tech. I still keep notes in notebooks, and my cell phone is barely one rung up the evolutionary tech ladder from a carrier pigeon.

One of the “old school” techniques that I often use is the monthly blog planning calendar that I print out and keep next to the chair that I work in. I recently added a couple more “features” to it and figured it was a great time to share it with my Blogging Bookshelf readers.

I use it to keep track of what I’m posting and when, plus a few other things. Yes, I know there are WordPress plugins and fancy cell phone apps that you can use to be “more productive” (I always just end up wasting more time playing with these things) and have all this info stored, but the below calendar is an option for those like me who are blissfully stuck in the stone age.

The monthly blog planning calendar is a 2 page PDF file. The first page has some instructions; the second is the calendar itself. Here’s a screenshot of the two pages:

Blog Planning Calendar

You can also use this is a quick and dirty journal to record what blogging-related tasks you did on any given day.

[Both of the below links are to the PDF version of the calendar. Right click to save it to your computer.]


Click here to download the Monthly Blog Planning Calendar (8.5 x 11)

Click here to download the Monthly Blog Planning Calendar (A4)


  • How far ahead do you plan your blog posts?
  • Do you ever deviate from your plan?
  • How far ahead do you write your blog posts?
  • What system do you use to plan your posts?
  • In general, are you more of a tech planner (apps, Google Calendar, etc.) or an old school planner (notebook, pencil and paper, etc.)?

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