Genuine, quality connections to and interactions with your readership are essential for a successful blog. There are a bunch of different ways to stay connected, of course, but how many of them are you using?

Are you “everywhere” in your readers’ online lives? Do you think that’s even important? Should you focus on just a couple connections and make them super strong, or should you be connecting at every opportunity?

Enough already, right? On to the infographic!

[Click the image below for the full-size version.]

Blogger-reader connection infographic

This just started out as a sketch in my notebook from me trying to organize my thoughts on the subject of blogger-reader interaction. I initially thought that arrow thickness would indicate the strength of the connection, but once I started drawing the graphic, I realized that I couldn’t really qualify the strength of the connections that well. Let me know what you think on the subject.

While nothing on this infographic is particularly groundbreaking, hopefully it will get you thinking about your relationship with your readers and how much contact you have with them. And I’d really like to hear people’s thoughts regarding the questions above and below.

How connected are you to your readers? What can you start doing better? What did I leave out of the infographic that should be in there? Which connections do you think are the most important?

And one more question: Would you like to see more infographics here on BB in the future? Or was this kind of lame and unhelpful, and I should just stick with writing?