So it’s probably not much of a surprise, but the goal is to make money with this blog :)

I need your help. I have a million ideas for products, but don’t know which ones to come out with first. Below I’ve listed a few of the ones I’d like to create. Please weigh in and let me know what you’d like to see!

Oh, and there’s a sneak peek of my new free ebook that will be coming out on Friday! So read on!

Just so you know, any of the products listed here would probably be still a couple months away. I’d like to come out with all of them eventually, it’s just a question of what should be first.

Here are the options:

1. Video tutorials on how to design your own professional-looking ebooks using free open source software. Since there would be a LOT of information here about actual ebook creation using the program, the price for this would be a one-time fee in the high $XX or low $XXX range. You could use this info to create your own ebooks (both free and premium ones) or to start your own book or ebook design/layout services business. This would be about the technical side of ebook writing or how to use the software to create your own ebooks.

2. Tutorials (video or otherwise) on how to come up with non-crappy-looking ebooks using Microsoft Word. My only problem with this one is that I don’t have the latest version of MS Office, but if enough people are interested, I’d get the latest version. Or I could just use Word 2007. Or I could use OpenOffice, which is the open source/free version of Word…

3. Tutorials on how to come up with and create your own infographics using free, open source software. There wouldn’t be as much material here as in the ebook course and it wouldn’t take as long to create, so the price would probably be in the mid $XX range. If you’d like this one, why? Is it the general info on how to create your inofgraphics or because of the software tutorials?

4. An ebook about how to self-audit your blog to fix things that are wrong with it and holding you back. It would be significantly different than (and be much more comprehensive and go into much more depth than) 101 Ways You’re Killing Your Blog. The price would probably be low $XX.

5. An ebook about writing ebooks (coming up with ideas, design principles, writing tips, etc.). This is different from #1 in that it’s not about the software, it’s about actually writing and promoting an ebook. Price would probably be low $XX.

6. Other options: I could also create training products (video or otherwise) for a few of the programs in Adobe’s Creative Sweet, like InDesign (desktop publishing), Illustrator (drawing and creating vector graphics), and Photoshop (image manipulation). I could do WordPress or Twitter video tutorials, or Audacity (free, open source audio recording software) tutorials.

7. I’d LOVE to hear any other ideas or suggestions!

And if nothing here tickles your fancy, say “Tristan, these ideas suck. Keep brainstorming, buddy!” I’m a big boy and you won’t hurt my feel goods :)

PLEASE leave a comment below with your vote of what you’d like to see! If you’d like to see more than one of these come to fruition, let me know which ones and what you’d like to see first.

Thanks so much!

Wanna see what my next FREE ebook is going to be?

Here’s the cover, sporting my very own artwork :)

Pretty neat, huh? It’ll be out on Friday, so be sure to check back! This should be interesting, as I haven’t actually *written* the thing yet… But now that I’ve publicly said that it’d be up on Friday, I have no choice but to have it up then.

And man… Is it really already December??