Do you want a free 20-page PDF ebook containing 68 great blogging tips from the true master himself, Confucius?

Would you like to know how to easily write an ebook in a day?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

I don’t quite remember exactly why I wanted to write an ebook about blogging using Confucius quotes or where the idea came from, but I’ve had the idea for a month or so now. I mainly wanted to test this kind of ebook model, to see how I liked writing what was essentially a book of quotes with commentary on each one. And I wanted to see how long it took.

I tried to make each one of the tips in this ebook as applicable to all niches as possible, not just “internet marketing” or “blogging tips.”

Also, to be honest, you won’t find anything extraordinarily groundbreaking in the ebook. For that, part of me wants to apologize, and part of me doesn’t. I feel bad because I try to provide really killer material here on Blogging Bookshelf. On the other hand, I think the simple beauty and wisdom of these Confucian sayings as they can be applied to life in general more than makes up for the lack of groundbreaking blogging tips. They deserve to be shared in their own right and by themselves, even if they had no connection to blogging. Throw in the blogging connection and I think you’ve got something that’s at least worth taking a look at.

As you read each one of these, ask yourself, “How can I apply this to my current blogging situation?” And then implement each tip. Because even the famous sayings of a revered long-dead Chinese guy won’t help you become a better blogger if you don’t take any action.

I hope you like it and find some useful information in there! Oh, and the ebook is optimized for printing.

Right click the image below and “Save As” to download it to your computer. Note that the above few paragraphs are repeated in the ebook’s intro, so you don’t need to read them :)

Blogging Tips by Confucius

But wait, there’s more! Notes on writing an ebook in a day

Neither of my longer ebooks (like 101 Ways to Battle Blogger’s Block or 101 Ways You’re Killing Your Blog) took very long to write; maybe a few days and a few hours each day?  This ebook marked the first time I’ve done it in a day. Here was the rough process:

  1. Visited a couple different quote websites and copy and paste a bunch of quotes (it turned out to be around 85) into a Word document. This took maybe 15 minutes.
  2. Just started writing! This took about 4 hours and ended up being about 4,000 words. I whittled it down to 65 quotes that I talked about.
  3. Created the layout and making it all pretty. This took about an hour and a half.
  4. Edited. Oh wait! I actually didn’t have the time or energy to edit!
  5. Oh, and I drew the cover image earlier this week. It took about an hour.

As I’m writing this now, it’s 3 in the morning. For the past several nights I’ve been getting 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night, and I’m just exhausted! I just REALLY didn’t want to spend more time editing, so please forgive me for the inevitable mistakes and please don’t judge me!

If I had done the ebook over the course of a few days, I probably could have come out with a better product because I wouldn’t have felt so rushed. I also would have had time to go through and edit the thing. And honestly, it was a little bit grueling and monotonous to work on this thing for such a concentrated amount of time. Not the most enjoyable day I’ve had working on the blog, but still not terrible.

If you want to write an ebook in a day, make it short-ish. Choose something that will be fast to write about, like a numbered list. This ebook is obviously an example, as would be something like, “10 Essential Business Strategies that Your Company Needs to Know About.” Something along those lines. And then get comfy and churn that bad boy out!

I could write an entire post or even series of posts on writing ebooks quickly. Let me know if you’re interested.

And finally…

I’d really like to thank you guys for your awesome input regarding the products you’d like to see from Blogging Bookshelf. It seems like the infographic course won out, followed by the ebook design and creation course, and then the blog self audit ebook. Sweet!!

Next week we’ll be returning to our regularly scheduled programming with some extremely high value posts! So stay tuned!

Thanks everyone for reading and commenting. I’ve been bad this week with commenting on people’s blogs. I’ll for sure catch up over the weekend!

Anyway, let me know what you think of the ebook.