I’ve bought and sold hundreds of domains, and I’ve got a few more here that I’d like to get rid of!

If there is any content on these domains, you are free to copy it and use it, but the price is for the transfer of the domain only, not the transfer of any content. Any and all content will be lost when the domain is transferred to you.

Want one of these domains? Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Have a GoDaddy account (they’re free) that I can transfer the domain to.
  2. Contact me and tell me the domain you want.
  3. I’ll email you back and say, “Ok! PayPal the money to this email address and it’s yours!”
  4. You send the money (along with your GoDaddy account name or number and the email address associated with it; that’s the info I need to transfer the domain to you) and I’ll “push” the domain to your account.
  5. You accept the push (all free) and it’s yours!

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BestDrivingMusic.com – $10 – This used to be on the front page when you searched for “best driving music” but has since dropped to the second page because it’s never updated. Expires 9/22/11.

ClimbingBlogs.com – $30 – This also used to be on the front page of Google. Again, never updated. Expires 1/29/11. SOLD

CollegeBusinessIdeas.com – $30 – The plan was to make an ebook of 50 business ideas for college students, but I never got around to it. Expires 2/9/11.

DailyBusinessIdea.com – $75 – This would be a great one for a blog. It would also be easy to monetize with business ideas ebooks and books. Expires 10/7/11.

DailyEbookTips.com – $30 – Could be monetized by selling one of the bazillion “how to write ebooks” ebooks out there. Expires 11/27/11.

DailyPhotographyTips.com – $40 – Monetization would be easy through ebooks, books (Amazon affiliate program), photography equipment (Amazon affiliate program), or AdSense (apparently photography is a great niche for AdSense). Expires 11/27/11.

eBookTipsAndTricks.com – $10 – This was for a blog I never started. I also have the “ebooktipstricks” Twitter account that I’ll transfer to you when you buy the domain. Expires 9/22/11.

eInfographics.com Р$20 РA solid domain with high keyword density.  Expires 11/24/11.

HowToSimplifyYourLife.com – $20 – This also used to rank on the first page of Google. Expires 9/22/11.

InternetMarketingGuidebook.com – $75 – Solid, memorable, brandable domain. Domain is 3.5 years old (aged domains are ranked better in the search engines) according to the Domain Age Tool. Expires 9/2/11.

LanguageStudyTips.com – $10 – For a project I never got around to. Expires 9/22/11.

NicheBusinessIdeas.net – $30 – Another one that used to be on the front page. This one would be easy to monetize. There are a ton of products on ClickBank on how to start different businesses. Like there are ones about how to start a drycleaning business, how to start a chicken coop business, etc. Expires 7/30/11.

SpanishCognates.net – $15 – Used to be on the front page of Google for “spanish cognates.” Expires 9/22/2011.