Most of us are looking for interesting people to follow on Twitter, but a lot of the time we aren’t actively thinking about finding people to follow. Here’s a great tip for you bloggers that requires no trickery, no gimmick, no plugin, and minimal effort on your part.

It’s simple. At the bottom of your blog post, simply write something like this:

You can follow me on Twitter: @TristanHigbee

That’s it.

It takes care of part of the problem of wanting to follow interesting people on Twitter but never thinking to follow people on Twitter. When you stick that line at the end of a blog post, you remind people.

Here’s an example I’ve seen in the wild from Ben Nesvig:

Connect with me on Twitter

And then I saw this a couple days ago on one of Jared Erondu’s blog posts:

He's on Twitter.

In both cases, I clicked on that link to Twitter to see what kind of stuff they tweeted.

Simple, right?

Oh and by the way, I’m on Twitter.