I don’t know about you, but over the past couple years I’ve amassed a massive collection of ebooks, both free and paid. I’ve never read the vast majority of them, but all of that will change this week.

Oh, and I’m going to blog every day this week about what I learned that day. Care to join me?

So… I’m *kind of* an ebook junkie. I have 912 ebooks on my computer, most of which are unread (and that doesn’t include the ones on my Kindle). They’re mainly about marketing, business, entrepreneurship, marketing, internet business, personal development, and so on. Now, there’s no way I can read 912 ebooks in a week, but here’s what I DO plan to accomplish in the next 5 days (Monday through Friday):

  • Delete all of the ebooks I don’t want to read.
  • Go through all of the ebooks I DO want to read. Some I’m sure I’ll just skim, while others I’ll read in their entirety.
  • Write every day here on Blogging Bookshelf about something I’ve read that day. Maybe the post will be about one subject, or maybe I’ll make a list of X number of things I learned that day. We’ll see. I’ll post each day at sometime between 10 pm and midnight (MST).
  • Tell you which free ebooks you should download and read. If the authors allow the ebooks to be freely distributed, I’ll post them here on the blog. Otherwise, I’ll just provide a link.
  • Note the difference in traffic that comes from blogging daily as opposed to blogging twice a week like I normally do. I expect the number of comments and shares (tweets, likes, etc.) for each post to go down, but overall pageviews to increase.

While I’m not a fan of blogging every day in general, it’ll be fun to do it every day this week.

Feel free to join me here during the Week of eBook Consumption. If you’ve got tons of unread ebooks (or books or magazines or whatever) lying around, set aside as much time as you can this week to go through them and learn what you can. Be sure to keep notes about things you learn so you can turn them into killer blog posts.

If you need some free ebooks to get started, I’ve written several :)

  • Are you an ebook hoarder?
  • How many unread ebooks do you have on your computer/Kindle/iPad/whatever?
  • Care to join me in the Week of Extreme eBook Consumption? What will you be doing–just reading, or also blogging about what you read?