One of the main reasons I love this whole internet business thing is that it gives me the freedom to travel a lot. I’ve recently bought a few tech accessories that take up less space in my bag and have even made their way into my everyday usage.

I’m talking about these three short USB cables:

Short USB cables

My short USB cables (with a pen for scale)

All of these have a normal USB plug (the end that sticks into your computer) on one end and a specialized plug on the other.

  • I use the top one for charging and syncing my iPod. It’ll also fit an iPhone and iPad, but I don’t have either of those (my sister was in town last week, though, and I used it to charger her iPhone and iPad). Mine was $3.95 on Amazon.
  • The middle one (with the micro USB plug) I use for charging and transferring stuff to my Kindle Fire or Kindle. It can also charge your phone if it uses that kind of plug. I bought this one on Amazon for $5.14.
  • The bottom one has the standard mini USB plug on the end and I use it to transfer pics from my digital camera if I’m using a computer without an SD card reader. I bought mine on eBay a year ago, but here’s one for $5.65 on Amazon.
If you have an MP3 player that’s not an iPod, it’ll likely use one of the bottom two cables.

I love these because

  1. they’re light
  2. they don’t take up any space
  3. they don’t get tangled, and
  4. I don’t have to wrap them up before I stick them in a drawer or in my bag.

I also have a small USB wall charger that I take with me if I’m not taking my computer along.

I bought each of my cables individually, but then last week I saw that you can get a sexy matching set of all three on Amazon for $13.88, which is less than what I paid for mine separately (everything I’m linking to on Amazon, by the way, is Amazon Prime eligible, so you’ll get free 2-day shipping on the items if you’re a Prime member):

Matching USB cables

Sexy matching USB cables

I bought the cables mainly to travel with, but they’ve pretty much replaced my longer cords at home, too. Are they essential to the success of my internet business? Of course not. But if you’re on the go a lot, these are great little things.

Oh, and if you’re into blogstalking me, you can check out my personal blog, where I talk about my travels and adventures.

  • What’s your favorite travel gear? (It doesn’t have to be technology-related.)
  • What other tips do you have for running your blog or internet business while traveling?