We all hear a lot about going viral and about certain things we can do to ensure our blog posts go viral.

In my experience, this is all crap.

It’s REALLY hard to get something to go viral, and it’s not something we often have a lot of control over. Instead, why don’t we focus on our content going bacterial? No, you won’t see as thousands of new visitors, but you have much more control over when and how you’ll see an influx of visitors, both new and old.

Interested? Then check out the infographic below. I’m particularly proud of this one :)

Go Bacterial Blogging Infographic

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Did you like this infographic? Wish you could make something like this? Well guess what! Sometime in the next month I’ll be coming out with my infographic creation course. It’ll be SWEEEEET.

And thanks to Marcus from The Sales Lion for turning me on to the whole “Email people in your network and ask them to promote your stuff” thing :)