EDIT: Thanks everyone for getting this blog post to 100 comments! How’s that for social proof? :D You guys are awesome!!

There are several ways to get a lot of comments on your blog posts. For the purposes of this post, I’m going to say that “a lot” equals 100. That isn’t to say that 20 or 50 or 75 comments isn’t a lot (it is!), but let’s just stick with 100 because it’s just a big freaking number.

One way to get 100 comments is to have a bazillion readers. Another way is to be controversial. Yet another way is to break some amazing news.

But there’s one way to get 100 comments that is deceptively simple, and you don’t even need a large audience at all. What is it?

Here it is: Comment on 100 blogs.

Think about it… If you comment on 100 blogs, only half of those have to comment back on your blog. You reply to each one and bam! 100 comments!

“Ok…” I hear you say, “but does that really work?” YES.

Last Monday I commented on 104 blogs.

My post from that Monday now has 127 comments. It’s the #1 most commented on post on this blog. It’s a great post, but it’s not that great. Under my blog’s normal circumstances, it should have gotten some between 60 and 80 comments. The post got so many comments simply because I commented on a LOT of blogs that day.

Commenting on 100 blogs in a day is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. About once a month I comment on 50 blogs in a day, and that takes a lot out of me. It’s tiring reading 50 blog posts! I knew 100 would be pretty brutal, but I had the time and I wanted to see what would happen, so I did it.

100 BlogsThe goal was to do it in 20-blog chunks of time; I’d comment on 20 blogs and then take a break (of at least an hour). The graphic to the right shows how long each block of 20 blogs took.

So yes, it took me pretty much the whole day, but hey, if you’ve got a free Saturday or Sunday… Get on it!

As you can see, I started off fast and definitely slowed down by the end of the day. Part of that is due to mental exhaustion, and part is due to the fact that I left some of the longest blog posts for later in the day. I guess I wanted to comment on all of the short blog posts first because I could rack up the comments faster that way.

You know what’s funny, though?

While I got more comments than I usually get, I didn’t really get THAT much more traffic than I usually get. The traffic was a bit more consistently high for the next few days than what it normally would have been, but I didn’t get twice as much traffic or anything. I think the reason for this is that all but maybe 10 of the blogs were ones that I’ve commented on before and have commented on my blog in the previous week. Most of them are people that would have checked out my blog anyway, but my commenting on their blogs gave them more reason to comment on mine (instead of reading it without commenting).

Does that make sense?

The stats!

Here are some stats that show you that, while I did get more comments, the other stats weren’t setting any world records or anything. Each of the graphs below shows a month’s worth of my traffic. On each graph is a red arrow; that is the day that I commented on 104 blogs.

The stats!

As you can see, not a whole lot out of the ordinary happened. While I got more comments than usual, the other stats were either slightly better than usual or about the same. I added the “Traffic from Twitter” chart because I retweeted 39 posts that day, which is far more than I normally do. It’s interesting that there wasn’t much of a difference.

The plan for next time…

Yes, I’m going to do this again, but with a two changes:

  • Have a blog post ready on that day that is just mind-blowingly awesome and has the potential to get shared a lot.
  • Comment on 100 blogs that I’ve never commented on before!

And who knows, maybe I’ll go for 150 blogs :)

Final words

Was it worth it? Yeah it was! It helped bring the blog out of the Christmas/New Year’s rut!

I’d like to encourage everyone reading this to give this a go. Comment on 100 blogs in a day (or 50 if you’re a slow reader or even 20 if you never comment on blogs). If you try it, I’d recommend compiling the list of 100 (or however many) blogs beforehand. I did waste some time at the end of the day trying to find more blogs to comment on.

Moral of the story? Depending on your blog’s usual amount of traffic and depending on whether the blogs you comment on normally comment on your site, you’ll definitely see more comments, but you might not see a whole lot more of anything else :)

You want 100 comments on your next blog post? You know what to do.


  • What’s the highest number of blogs you’ve commented on in a day?
  • Do you think you’ll try commenting on 100 blogs in a day?
  • How many blogs do you think you comment on in an average week or on an average day? How many are new blogs and how many are ones you’ve already commented on?

Also feel free to tell us about your posts that get the most traffic and why that is.