I think most people reading this know that YouTube can be a valuable way to solidify your brand and drive traffic to your blog or website. But how do you get your videos to have more than 20 views?

Well, I now know the answer.

First, let me say that I’ve never been very good at the whole YouTube thing. I’m one of those YouTubers whose videos often have 20 views each. My Blogging Bookshelf videos generally don’t do well in terms of number of views. But one of my Blogging Bookshelf videos has 3,500 views, and my handful of Amazopia videos have garnered 8,500 views in just a few days.

I guess I’ve unknowingly stumbled across the “secret” (or at least a secret) to getting lots of YouTube views, and it’s really simple:

Record videos of brand new products that come out in your niche. 

It’s that simple. And yeah, it’s that powerful.

Here’s the story of my videos, followed by some tips of what you can do to create videos that get more YouTube views.

The Pinterest video – 3,500 views

My Blogging Bookshelf video that has 3,500 views is a tutorial on how to use Pinterest. (Pinterest is a hybrid social network/blog platform that is generating a lot of interest from people.) Pinterest was still pretty new at the time, and there wasn’t much information on it. I’d never read about it on any other blog, but I thought it was a cool service. That’s why I created the video.

It was well received when I posted it on the blog here and in the months since, it’s gotten more and more views and sent more and more traffic back my way.

It’s not a bad idea to write a blog post for each video. In fact, you might call it a great idea. That accompanying blog post about Pinterest now has over 200 comments on it and is currently the most-visited post on Blogging Bookshelf. Yes please.

The Kindle 4 videos – 8,500 views (in a weekend!)

Now to my Amazopia videos. So as many of you might know, Amazopia is a blog I started a couple weeks ago. It’s a blog all about Amazon.com and the various things the company is up to and involved with. I created a YouTube channel for it when I first started the blog, but didn’t upload any videos to it until a few days ago.

Amazon announced a bunch of new Kindles this past week. I ordered the new Kindle Fire tablet and the new basic Kindle (or Kindle 4 as it’s being known, since it’s the 4th generation Kindle). The basic Kindle was the only one that was shipping immediately, so I got mine in the mail the next day.

That afternoon I recorded a couple videos (an unboxing video and a video comparing the new Kindle with the older one). I uploaded them to YouTube and forgot about them. When I woke up the next morning, the videos each had a couple hundred views. Sweet! I recorded another couple videos that day about various aspects of the Kindle 4, and one more the following day. As of the time of writing this, those videos have about 8,500 combined views.

Ideas for videos that get lots of views

So in both of these examples, I created videos that in some way go over new products or services on the market. Here are some tips and ideas on how to do that:

  • The newer the product that you’re reviewing, the better. This is HUGE. A video about a product that came out a year ago isn’t going to get nearly as many views as one that came out yesterday. My Kindle 4 videos are proof of that.
  • If it’s a physical product, create an unboxing video (where you record yourself taking the item out of the box). Actually, you might be able to do this with a digital product, too. Just record a screencast of you downloading the file, opening it up, etc…?
  • Record a video of your first impressions.
  • Record a video where you compare the new item with a similar item (either an older version or a similar competitor).
  • Record a video of you using the item.
  • Keep SEO in mind when naming your videos. Include often-searched-for phrases in your title and description, like “tutorial,” “comparison,” “how to use,” and so on. Use the same words (and as many more as you can think of
  • Record a review of the product or service. Discuss the pros and cons and what you would do differently.
  • Talk about why you bought that product. What were your expectations, and were they met? 

I’ve never been a huge YouTube fan in general (it has destroyed the souls and free time of many a friend), and I’ve never been a huge fan of creating vids. But now that my videos are getting lots of views and sending traffic back to my blogs, I kind of like YouTube. Funny how that works :D

In another post soon, I’ll talk about the tools and software I use for creating my YouTube videos. But until then…

  • What methods work well for you for getting more YouTube views?
  • What are some other types of videos get lots of views?
  • What are some other video formats that you enjoy?