There are already too many social networks and profiles to maintain, which is why I’m less than thrilled about businesses/brands now being able to create pages on Google+. But then I thought, why not just channel that negative energy into something more… creative?




So yeah, I’ll just be keeping my personal Google+ account for The Backlight. I already have separate Twitter and Facebook accounts for my personal/business use, and it’s on the verge of more than I can handle. An additional one would be the tipping point. I’m done with these new profiles that do nothing but add to the noise.

(In other news, I’ll be releasing a new free ebook in a couple days only to my newsletter subscribers. If you’re not a subscriber, enter in your email address in the form in the sidebar at the side of any page at The Backlight.)

  • Have you set up a Google+ Page for your blog or business yet?
  • Are you going to?
  • How excited are you about Google+ Pages?
  • How do you like Google+ in general?