NOTE: I’m currently not accepting guest posts right now. Shoot me an email if you want to know when I start accepting them again


So, you want to piggyback off of all of my hard work and hijack my readership for your own personal gain, huh?

Sweet :)

The good news is that I do now accept guest posts. But let me just say first off that I am EXTREMELY picky with what I publish here. I shoot down most of my own ideas, so don’t expect yours to be embraced. I’m not going to publish a post that doesn’t meet my high standards, regardless of how good of friends we are. Please don’t be offended when I tell you that I won’t publish your blog post. The chances are good that it’s just not a fit for my audience.

Posts I DON’T Want

  • Stuff about plugins (“10 Awesome WordPress Plugins that Every Blogger Should Have”)
  • Posts about things that are common knowledge for people that have been blogging more than a month or two (“5 SEO Tips for Beginners”)
  • Posts that have zero of your personality in them
  • Generic tips that are not actionable

Posts I DO Want

  • Anything that we haven’t heard about 10 bazillion times already
  • Epic long posts
  • Personal stories (extra points to you if they make me cry)
  • Actionable tips
  • The best freaking blog post you’ve ever written

Fine Print

I guess it goes without saying that your guest post must be original, and that you aren’t allowed to publish it anywhere else. I expect every guest blogger to ravenously promote his/her guest post on his/her social networks. I definitely wouldn’t mind a link on your blog back to your guest post here.

If I don’t accept and publish your post, you’re free, of course, to publish it wherever you want and do with it as you please.

I will edit and change your post as I see fit. I will also likely add my own commentary throughout the published post.

Still Interested?

Have I scared you off yet? Hopefully. If you’re still brave enough to want to guest post here, I welcome you with open arms.

Send an email with your idea or finished post (but remember, the odds are very good that it won’t be accepted) to me at tristan at bloggingbookshelf dot com. Or you can use the contact form.