As a nonfiction author, I was curious about which types of books made up the bulk of Amazon’s 100 bestselling nonfiction ebooks, and the results were surprising.

First I looked at the free books. Here’s the breakdown:


What really surprised me is that there are 32 fiction books in the free nonfiction bestseller list. Most of those books are historical romance novels or Christian fiction, though a couple were regular old mysteries or thrillers. That’s almost a third of the top 100.

Then I looked at the top 100 paid Kindle books and found that there were 15 fiction books in the paid nonfiction bestseller list. Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged was among these. There is something wrong here. Atlas Shrugged is not a work of nonfiction. Historical romance novels set in the 1800s are not works of nonfiction.

This bothers me both as a nonfiction author and nonfiction reader. As a nonfiction author, I’m annoyed that fiction books are taking up some of the coveted top 100 bestseller spaces. As a consumer of nonfiction, I’m annoyed that I’m seeing romance novels when I’m looking for, well, nonfiction.

I love you, Amazon, but when this


… is the #1 bestseller in free Kindle nonfiction (which it was as of writing this), there’s a real problem.