Well friends, it’s finally here as promised. Several months after I first announced its coming, my course on how you can create your own infographics is up and running.

I present to you…

Infographic Academy!


Woo hoo!

It’s all yours for the low, low, low one-time fee of $27.

There’s still a lot more I’d like to add to the course (think of it as being in “beta” form at the moment), and I’ll be doing so over the upcoming days, weeks, and months. The price will go up and up as I add more and more content to the course, so you’d better have at it now while the gettin’ is good. (Oh, and before you ask, no, there’s no affiliate program set up at the moment, but that’s in the works for next week.)

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And feel free to link to it in your last or next blog post :)

If you’re interested in creating your own infographics, please buy the course. You know how awesome my free content is here. Now just imagine how good the stuff that I charge for is!

Hopefully the launch goes well and there are no problems with the bazillion little bits and pieces of the blog, payment processor, autoresponder, membership site software, and all that jazz. I guess we’ll see when I wake up in the morning and have a million emails from people telling me they tried to order the course and it didn’t work…

If something doesn’t work for you, let me know. I’ll update this post throughout the day if there are problems or anything.

Lemme tell ya, figuring all of that out has been an absolute freaking nightmare, and I think it knocked a few years off my life. Over the last 3 nights I’ve gotten about 13 total hours of sleep, and it’s 3:00 in the morning as I write this. But hey, it’s lots of good fodder for future blog posts, right?

Anyway, go check out Infographic Academy and tell your friends, loved ones, significant others, long lost relatives, bosom companions, soul mates, frenemies, and any animals you might know that have opposable thumbs.