Love it or hate it, Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm is here to stay. What’s EdgeRank? It’s that annoying Facebook-controlled tendency for not all the things you post to your brand’s Facebook page to not show up in the feed of everyone who has liked your page.

In fact, most of the people who liked your page will probably not see your page’s updates. How crappy is that? You can shell out some cash and pay Facebook to extend your updates’ reach, but there’s another way—a better and cheaper (i.e., free) way.

You want the people who have liked your page to get a little red notification at the top of their Facebook page. That’s the goal. When people have that option turned on, it doesn’t matter so much if your update doesn’t appear in people’s news feeds because they’re seeing that annoying little red notification icon. You can’t avoid that.

To get that notification, encourage your Facebook fans/likers/whatever-we’re-calling-them-these-days-ers to do the following (and this is assuming that they’ve already “Liked” your page on Facebook):

Step 1: Navigate to your Facebook page.

Step 2: Hover the mouse cursor over the “Liked” button until a little dropdown menu appears. Enable the “Get Notifications” option, like so:

How to get around Facebook EdgeRank

And that’s it!

Write up a brief blurb on your Facebook page that encourages the people who like your page to also get those notifications. Once you’ve done that, you might want to consider 1) pinning that blurb to the top of your Facebook page, and 2) shelling out some dough and promoting that blurb so that more of your audience sees it.

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