Have you ever seen those “Top 100” lists for blogs or websites in a particular niche? Here’s how you can make one for your niche.

The impetus for this post is Nomadic Samuel’s list of the top 100 travel blogs. I was looking for more travel blogs to read and that list was a great resource. I was interested in how chose the top 100 and saw that he had a page that detailed his scoring system. He uses 3 criteria (click each one for more info):

He ranks each blog from 1 to 100 for each of those 3 criteria and awards points that correspond with the ranking. So if a blog has the best Alexa rank out of 100 surveyed, it gets 100 points. If a blog ranks at #2 for domain authority, it gets 99 points. Makes sense, right? And then he combines the 3 numbers for a final overall number of points. The blog with the highest number of points is the #1 travel blog and so it goes on down through the list.

Pretty neat. Is it perfect? No, but the final result yields an objective list of 100 travel blogs that are popular and at least pretty good.

Another interesting thing Samuel does is that the links from the blog names on the list don’t go directly to that blog. They go to a page that has a short description blurb about the site and the person who runs it. Seems like a good way to get more pageviews, eh?

Again, you can check out Samuel’s list of the top 100 travel blogs here.

So what do you think? Is this something you’d like to do? What are the pros and cons of creating a top 100 list this way, and what would you improve?