I just released my latest ebook, How to Manage Multiple Blogs Without Going Crazy. It costs a whopping $2.99 and for that you get the book in audio (MP3), PDF, and Kindle formats.

[Note that the price might be a couple dollars more if you live in a country that doesn’t have an official Kindle store. That’s Amazon’s doing, not mine.]

The ebook is based on my 9+ years of blogging experience and my history of running a ton of blogs. I currently manage 20+ blogs, all of which are my own. The ebook includes sections on whether or not managing multiple blogs is for you, plus the tips and tools I use to make my blogging life easier.

The ebook is 12,000+ words in length and you can buy it here on Amazon. It is only for sale on Amazon. If you don’t have a Kindle and really just want the PDF or MP3 versions, buy the ebook on Amazon, open it up using Amazon’s free, browser-based (you don’t have to download anything) Cloud Reader, and go to the very last page of the ebook. On that page are a website URL and password. Go to that website, type in the password, and you’ll be able to download the PDF and MP3 versions. You never have to deal with the Kindle version ever again.

A quick note on the MP3 version of the book. I am not a professional voice actor and I do not have professional audio recording equipment. I’ve edited out all of my messups so you don’t have to deal with those, but just know that I’m a writer first and a recording artist second.

Leave a review and enter to win a $5 Amazon gift card

EDIT 5/11/12: The offer is over! Many thanks to the 5 people who reviewed the book. I will be contacting them via email so I can send them their Amazon gift cards.

So here’s the deal. The ebook is brand new and I need some reviews of the ebook on Amazon. If you buy the ebook and leave a review on Amazon, let me know (and tell me which review is yours). Once you leave a review, you’ll be entered to win one of five $5 Amazon gift cards. After a couple days (probably on Friday sometime), I’ll randomly select the winners and email them the code for the $5 Amazon gift cards which can be used for anything on Amazon.com. Only the first 10 reviewers (or fewer, if there are less than 10 reviews) will be entered into the drawing.

You should also “Like” the book on Amazon (which is not the same as a Facebook like). Right below the title of the book on Amazon is a little tan Like button. Please click that, too, even if you don’t buy the book.

Let’s recap. You buy my new ebook for $2.99, click the Like button on Amazon, leave a review of it on Amazon, and tell me which review is yours. You then either have a 100% chance of winning an Amazon gift card (if there end up being 5 or fewer reviews) or, in the worst case scenario, a 1 in 2 chance of winning a gift card (if 10 people leave reviews). This means that you’ve got a pretty darn good chance of getting my ebook for free and making a couple more dollars on top of that. Not a bad deal, eh?

Final words

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Please, please buy the book on Amazon and leave a review. I really appreciate it.

You can also check out my 101 Blogging Tips ebook. Like How to Manage Multiple Blogs Without Going Crazy, it is $2.99 and includes PDF and MP3 versions for free. It is very often the #1 selling direct marketing book on Amazon and is almost always in the top 3.