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Last year I wrote a blog post titled How to Manage Multiple Blogs. Now that I’m managing more blogs than ever before, I thought I’d revisit the topic and simplify it a little bit.

So that you know where I’m coming from, let me point out that I currently manage no less than 10 blogs, most of which are listed on my newly redesigned personal home page (are you digging the dinosaur as much as I am?), though some aren’t.

Get your priorities straight, part 1

Which of your blogs are the most important? Which are the least important? Which are of moderate importance?

You might have 2 levels of importance (important and not very important) and you might have 12 (supremely important, uber important, very important, important, moderately less important, etc.).

For me, my blog hierarchy levels look something like this:

My blogs

My blogs and their relative importance.

I think it’s smart here to also explain to yourself why you think one blog is more important than another.

For me, Amazopia and The Backlight are the most important because they’re my main moneymakers. and are of mid-range importance because I’m using the first to promote Infographic Academy and the second to write an ebook piece by piece, both of which I could do without those blogs. They’re really not that big of a deal. And cuteAWESOME and The Aloof are of minimal importance because they don’t provide any value to my business. They’re just for fun.

The time I allocate to my blogs reflects this relative importance. Amazopia and The Backlight take up the vast majority of the time I have available for blogging, while all of the rest combined never total more than an hour a day.

Reevaluate your blog priorities often. Right now Amazopia is more of a priority for me than The Backlight. Why? Because 1) Amazopia is still in its very early stages, and 2) the main product that I sell via The Backlight (Infographic Academy) is currently off the market. All the traffic in the world coming to The Backlight would be great, but I wouldn’t make much more money from it without a product to sell. I’m currently revamping Infographic Academy and will relaunch it in a week or two. Once that happens, you better believe I’ll be pumping more time and energy into The Backlight.

Your goals are another big thing to consider. I might love cuteAWESOME with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns, but spending tons of time on that blog just doesn’t get me closer to my goal of financial domination of the Internet. But at the same time, one of my callings in life is to seek out the cutest and most awesome photos on the Internet, so I’m not going to give up the blog completely.

Get your priorities straight, part 2

You’ve also got to prioritize the individual activities associated with your given blogs. Though Amazopia might be at the top of my blog food chain, it’s more important to me to write this blog post for The Backlight than it is to edit another video for Amazopia (my Amazopia videos on YouTube just reached 250,000 views over the weekend, by the way. High five!).

Is it really more important for you to create a new Twitter background than it is to write a guest post?

Final words

“Action expresses priorities.”

You know who said that? Gandhi, so you know it’s something you should pay attention to. As we’re still at the top of the new year, what better time than now to examine your actions and see if they properly correlate with your priorities, goals, and time allowance? Running multiple blogs can be a lot of fun or it can be a living hell that makes you want to smash every computer you see. What do YOUR actions say about your priorities?

  • How many blogs do you run?
  • What are your priorities and goals for your blogs?
  • How do YOU manage multiple blogs?