Amazopia, my blog about news and tips, is a few weeks old now. It’s really the first news/fan blog I’ve ever had, and it’s definitely a different kind of blogging. Here are my thoughts so far.

The good

I don’t have to think too hard about what to write. I have several sources that I glean information from, and I just have to keep an eye out and ear open. It’s never “Oh man, what am I going to write about tomorrow?”  In fact, there’s more information than I can handle by myself, so I do end up tweeting a lot of other people’s articles about Amazon. It’s great.

I love having a blog that isn’t only blogging about blogging. I love Blogging Bookshelf, but it’s nice to be in a very different part of the internet. You use a different set of blogging strategies and tactics depending on what niche you’re in. I’ve been doing several videos for Amazopia, for example, while I don’t do them too often for Blogging Bookshelf. The videos have done well, and it’s extremely satisfying.

Speaking of doing well, yesterday was my biggest traffic day yet on Amazopia, with about 900 visits. That’s pretty darn good for a blog that’s less than a month old. About a third of those were from Hacker News, a third from YouTube, and the rest from other sources including Google, Google+, Twitter, and a few others.

One of the best things about having a news blog is that people are really excited about the news! We like knowing what’s going on in the world of what we’re interested in. Big news gets shared and voraciously sought after. When something is relevant to what’s happening RIGHT NOW, I’ve found that people are more willing to read it and share it. There’s almost an urgency to it.

And this doesn’t really apply solely to news blogs, but I love starting new blogs because blogging makes me more of an expert on whatever it is I’m blogging about. I love learning more and more about Amazon every day, and I think there are relatively few people in the world that know more than I do about Amazon. That’s a neat feeling :D And when you write about something, it makes you process that information about 1000x more than if you had just read through it. You really know the subject, you know?

The bad

I write a lot of blog posts for Amazopia. As of writing this, I’ve published 48 posts. It’s overwhelming sometimes. Today, for example, I wrote 5 short blog posts. And yeah, they’re short, but still… Five in a single day is a lot!

Also, the main reason I’ve never started a news blog is because I didn’t like the idea of having to be tied down to a blog. It’ll be hard for me to take a 3 week road trip (like I did a couple months ago) while running this news blog, for example. Not reporting on the news for 3 weeks… That’s just bad form. I mean, the whole point of a news blog is saying to your readers, “I’m the one you need to come to for everything you want to know about X. If I need news and you’re not there for me, you’ve lost my trust.” That’s a bit melodramatic, but does that make sense?

Final words

Overall, I’m really happy with the way things are going. The blog is even making money already (not much, but a little). The blog is getting a good amount of traffic. I’m having a good time learning more about Amazon. I’m enjoying working on something different and learning new things.

A news blog is a lot of work, but I think it’ll pay off in the end.

  • Do you or have you ever run a news/fan-type blog?
  • What were your favorite and not-so-favorite aspects of it?
  • Would you want to run a news blog?
  • What tips do you have for those of us running or thinking of starting a news blog?