UPDATED. Good news! The first episode of The Backlight Podcast is here and in iTunes. In this episode I go over 5 ways of how you can use microblogging platform Tumblr in your Internet business.

This first episode is about 16 minutes long and you can listen to it by clicking the play button on the player above. Click here if you can’t see the player.

The Backlight Podcast is in iTunes right now but don’t go check it out over there yet! I’m having some problems with it and with my feed. It’s listing several of my old blog posts with accompanying MP3s as podcast episodes. Anyway, THIS is the first and only episode of The Backlight Podcast and until further notice (hopefully it’ll all be cleared up soon), don’t bother subscribing to or rating the podcast in iTunes yet. Just listen to it here.

UPDATE: The problems have been fixed and now the podcast is in iTunes! You can find it here or by just searching for “The Backlight” in iTunes. And please rate it positively if you’re so inclined :)

So yeah, Tumblr. I *love* Tumblr. It is an incredibly simple, powerful, and addicting blogging platform with a social twist. I think it’s under-appreciated and under-utilized by Internet marketers and Internet business owners. You’ll definitely come away from listening to this podcast with some great ideas.

I mention the following Tumblr blogs in the podcast:

And here’s the theme I use for all of my Tumblr blogs. It’s free, very flexible, and very good looking. It’s called Effector Theme.

This whole podcasting thing is going to be really interesting. It’s taking me way out of my comfort zone. I’m very comfortable with writing, but I don’t do too well with articulating my thoughts verbally. But part of the reason I’m doing this podcast is so I can get better at that. So please hang in there with me for the first handful of episodes. I might not be the most captivating podcaster (yet), but I promise you’ll find really valuable information.

One more thing. I don’t mention this in the podcast, but a couple weeks ago I started what is perhaps my favorite Tumblr blog, cuteAWESOME. It’s in no way related to marketing or Internet business or anything. It’s just pictures of cute baby animals followed by pictures of awesome things (so you know, you feel like a man again after awwww-ing at the cute baby sloth). In other words, it’s everything good about the Internet. If you do nothing else after reading this or listening to the podcast, just go to cuteAWESOME.

Anyway, enjoy the podcast, and let me know what you think. And again, here’s the podcast in iTunes.