I will no longer be blogging at BloggingBookshelf.com. Why?

Because I’m rebranding the blog. I’m changing the name and changing the scope of the blog a bit. I’ll still talk about blogging, but I want to talk more about other aspects of digital publishing and marketing, too.

To give you a better idea of what it’ll be about, here’s the tentative tagline of the new blog (subject to change, and yes, it’s a bit wordy):

On the present and future of independent digital publishing, new media, and information products

Blogging isn’t dead by any means, but there’s a lot more out there. I’m tired of only blogging about blogging, and am tired of reading a bazillion blogs about blogging. It’s time for change here on my end.

A lot of you might not know this, but Blogging Bookshelf was actually started as a blog that reviewed blogging-related books. That’s why it’s called Blogging Bookshelf. When I shifted a bit and started to blog more about my own experiences in blogging, the name wasn’t a big deal; I was still writing about blogging, after all. But with the new direction of the blog, the name just isn’t cutting it anymore.

The new site isn’t quite done yet, so I’m not yet ready to reveal what it’s called.

On the new blog, I’ll still be talking about the how-to stuff—which is what I’ve focused on here at Blogging Bookshelf—but I’ll have more opinion and news pieces, too.

All of the content that is currently here on Blogging Bookshelf will be on the new blog; I’m moving it all over and redirecting all the pages.

So yes, this is the last Blogging Bookshelf post. It’s going to be a pain to move everything to the new blog, not to mention having to rebrand all of my ebooks and my email list and all that stuff. I’ll be creating new Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts. The result might be a short term drop in traffic, but I think that this is a smarter long-term move for me and my business.

I also have taken Infographic Academy off the market temporarily. I’m going to add more to it, tweak it a bit, add an affiliate program, and try to make the signup process more streamlined (when you signed up before, you’d get like 5 different confirmation emails, and I realize that’s not ideal).

I’m also working on a new product—an ebook—that I’ll be releasing when I launch the new blog (or soon after). Like with my course on how to create infographics, this will be a new kind of product that hasn’t been seen before.

The new blog will be up and running sometime in the next week or two (hopefully sooner rather than later). And I don’t know what my publishing schedule will look like. I might just post once a week or a few times a week or every day. I’ll just start writing and see how it goes.

Thanks to everyone for being supportive of Blogging Bookshelf over the past year. Here’s to many more years to come at the blog’s new home. Stay tuned.