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I currently make all of my money through this blog. But there are a bunch of things I can and should be doing to make even more. Here I talk about 10 of those things. And I bet they’d make a difference to your bottom line, too.

So for those who don’t know, I make money through this blog by sending people to my Infographic Academy course. But there’s still a lot, lot, loooot more I could and should be doing to make more money. I don’t know how you make money with your blog – or, indeed, if you do make money – but most if not all of the things I discuss below could be applied to most blogs, including yours.

1. Utilize my list

When I launched Infographic Academy, I sent out an email to my list announcing it. I made sales and I was happy.

Other than that, though, I very, very rarely send out emails to those who have subscribed to my list. The main reason is that I personally hate getting bombarded with emails from newsletters/lists I’ve opted-in to.

But that’s bad marketing on my part. I have a list and I need to use it. I need to start sending out quality content to my list and add that content as an extended autoresponder series so that new signups get it, too. What I’ll probably end up doing is have each email be a blogging or internet business tip and then just have links to Blogging Bookshelf and Infographic Academy at the bottom of each email. This way it keeps the stupid sales letters for affiliate offers and junk like that to a bare minimum. That’s the kind of email list I want to subscribe to, and so that’s the kind of list I want to create.

2. Write more guest posts

I’ve been slacking off on my guest post writing these last couple months. I used to write one or two a week. In fact, that’s how my blog grew so fast in the beginning. But I’ve gotten complacent and lazy (and it’s summer and so I’ve been in the mountains and traveling a lot).

I will fix this.

Oh, and by the way… Starting today (by the time you read this), I’ll be traveling for the next 3 or 4 weeks. I’m going on a mountaineering road trip through Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, California, and Nevada. I’ll still be blogging, but I *might* be more difficult to reach than usual. Just sayin’.

3. Comment on people’s blogs more

Blog commenting, along with guest posting, was how I grew my blog early on. But then I stopped because frankly, I stopped enjoying it. I thought to myself, “Why am I commenting on all of these blogs and trying to get traffic to my site when I don’t even have a product to sell??”

So I created a product to sell. But then I still didn’t go back to blog commenting because I felt like there were better uses of my time. I still feel that way to a certain extent, but now I do kind of miss commenting on others’ blogs. I need to start doing it again, especially on blogs I’ve never been to before. The more new eyeballs here, the better.

4. Experiment with AdWords

This isn’t exactly a direct way to make money from my blog, but I do want to start using AdWords to see if I can make some more Infographic Academy sales. I’ve got one of those coupons good for $75 or $100 in AdWords credits, and need to take advantage of that.

5. Start an affiliate program for my product

Again, I guess this doesn’t apply to this blog directly, but I need to set up an affiliate program for my product. It’s really stupid that I haven’t done this yet, but what can I say… Sometimes I do stupid things.

6. Rewrite my product’s sales page

This is the last one that doesn’t apply 100% directly to blogging, I promise. But when I wrote the Infographic Academy sales page, it was 2 in the morning and just an hour before I launched the product. It was literally the last thing I did before launch.

I don’t know much about writing sales copy, so I’m going to find some good material (any suggestions?) and study up a bit. Then I’ll rewrite the sales page, which will hopefully convert better than the current version.

7. Create another product

Infographic Academy has done well but hey, you can never have enough money, right? My monetization strategy for this blog has always been to create and release my own products. That’s why you don’t see ads or affiliate links here; I’m just not interested in running that kind of show. Ultimately, I want to be the creator of a dozen different products, all of which people can find through this blog.

But first I need to create just my second product. What it is is a secret for now, though. Why? Not sure. It just makes things more exciting, I guess. Aaaaand… Because I haven’t even started on it and could very well change my mind about which one I want to start on next…

8. Have better “customer service”

I’ve been horrible lately at responding to emails, replying to comments, and engaging on Twitter and Facebook (though I’ve never really been very good with or liked Facebook). I have been only moderately better on Google+.

But again, I don’t know how much better at this I’ll be able to be over the next few weeks while I’m on the road. But I’ll try. Honest!

9. Put more ads on my blog

So if you take a look at the Blogging Bookshelf, you’ll notice that the only ad is one for Infographic Academy on the right side of the header.

The two other places I’m thinking of adding ads for IA are in the sidebar and after every post. I’m thinking of making a tall skyscraper one for the sidebar and then… I haven’t decided what I’d do for the one after every post. Any ideas or suggestions?

10. Offer services

I’ve been within a hair’s breadth (I almost wrote hare’s breath) of having a “Services” page here on Blogging Bookshelf once or twice. I’ve even had all of the copy written and everything. But then I sit back and look at the page and just think to myself “You know, this isn’t really anything different from what other people are doing, and it’s not something I’d enjoy all that much.” And I never do it.

But there have been 3 services that I’ve been kicking around in my head a bit that I think I’d actually enjoy quite a lot, and they’re services that aren’t very common. They are…

1. Custom social media icons – See the sexy little red and gray social media icons at the top of the sidebar here on Blogging Bookshelf? I made those to fit in with the rest of the blog. And I think they look pretty darn slick. This service would involve me creating similar social media icons that fit in with the theme/design of your blog. Price? Not sure. $40 or $50 for a set (with each icon in a couple different sizes), maybe?

2. A custom blog designed in a day or two – I’ve been using the Thesis theme for WordPress for a couple years now and freaking love it. I’ve taught myself enough php and css to get my Thesis blogs to pretty much look however I want. Blogging Bookshelf runs on Thesis. So does The Aloof (my personal blog), my online business card, and this old blog that I ran for a month before stopping (but it looks pretty neat).

Yes, there are other Thesis designers out there but they charge a ton for a custom made blog. To keep the price low, I’d design and create your whole blog in one business day, with maybe another thrown in just as a buffer. Price? Maybe around $350 (including a Thesis theme license) if I can get it done in a day.

Both of the above ideas involve designing and/or working with graphics, which is something that I love but don’t get to do a whole lot of.

Any interest in either of those ideas?

Final words

In other words… I’m definitely leaving some money on the table here as things currently stand. You probably are, too. But that’s ok. We’ve got time to fix these things.

And besides, what fun would blogging be if we always got everything right the first time?

  • What else can I do to make more money from my blog? :D
  •  What can YOU do to make more money with your blog?
  •  What will you do this week that will, sooner or later, put more money in your pocket?