A month ago I was trying to type in the domain name of a popular blog. I misspelled it slightly and got a “Page not found” message. I wondered how many—if any—other people made the same mistake, so I bought the domain and set up Google Analytics on it.

The popular blog in question is VentureBeat, a popular tech/business blog. It’s a PR 7 website with a current Alexa rank of 2,489. It’s currently the 31st most popular blog online (according to Technorati). In other words, it’s a big deal and gets a lot of traffic.

I misspelled it as venturebear.com when I typed it in, so venturebear.com is the domain I bought.

Here are the results, after having the domain for about a month:


VentureBear.com visitors

If that’s hard to read, let me clarify. There were 4 visits on the second day (all of which were me visiting the site, but I never visited it again after that) and between 0 and 2 a day every day after that.

Pretty exciting.  -_-

And here’s the visitor breakdown by country:



So my conclusions from this highly scientific and airtight case study?

1. Misspelled domains are kind of worthless. I know some people like to buy misspelled versions of their main domain, but I don’t think it’s worth it.

2. Hungarians are bad at spelling.

3. The vast majority of the world’s tech-savvy web users can indeed spell well.

And now I’m stuck with a lame domain name that I’ll probably end up just redirecting to The Backlight. All in the name of science.

  • How often do you misspell domains when typing them in? Ever?
  • Do you own any “misspelled” domains for your own website?