Tristan’s note: This is a guest post from Steve Scott. Steve is awesome. He’s legit. He’s smart. He makes his living selling ebooks, and I actively read his blog. You should definitely check it out after you read this post and leave an amazing comment. Oh, and be sure to read my comment below (it’s the first one).

I follow a simple mantra: “If you have a blog, you have an eBook.”

This is an important phrase for any blogger who wants to make money.  I feel you already have the seeds to success.  All you have to do is turn existing content into a profitable income stream.

What are you waiting for? Write an ebook!

Write that ebook already!

What I find interesting is many bloggers don’t think they can *write* a paid eBook.  Yet these same people produce quality content that’s well loved by readers.

In this post, I’ll show you how to create a profitable eBook.  Even better – I’ll provide a blueprint that saves lots of time while doing it!

My goal is to help you overcome “eBook fear.”  You CAN create a profitable information product.  All you need is a plan:

THE Myth About eBooks

People freak out when they hear the word eBook.   It’s hard to imagine writing hundreds of pages.  And it’s scary to think about the effort it takes.

The good news is a successful eBook doesn’t have to be long.  In fact, some of the best information products are less than thirty pages.  The key here is to provide value – Not length.

Furthermore, some of the best eBooks target very specific problems in a niche.  Often it’s better to create a short, low-cost solution than it is to publish a massive how-to course.

Here’s an example.  Let’s say you already know the fundamentals of blogging.  But you want more attention in the blogosphere.  Which product would interest you the most?

  1. Blogging 101 – How to Build a Successful Blog
  2. How to Double…Even Triple… Your Blog Comments in One Month

Remember, you know the basics of blogging.  So the first wouldn’t attract your attention.  On the other hand, the second eBook promises a specific result you want as a blogger.

[Tristan’s note: If I had a nickel for every time I’ve seen something like the first one, I would be a very, very wealthy man. Now that you’ve been warned, I will punch your blog in the face if I see you trying to sell that kind of ebook.]

My point is this…The second eBook isn’t very long.  It’s a tightly focused report that provides a step-by-step solution.  It doesn’t contain fluff material.  Instead it teaches a fundamental concept for marketing a blog.

In my opinion, this can easily turn into a profitable income stream.

How to Profit from Existing Blog Content

It’s time to develop what’s called a leverage mindset.  Look for additional ways to reuse content.  Specifically you can turn previously published posts into small reports.

Start by looking at your blog content.  I bet you’ve hit a few home runs!  These are the posts that got a lot of comments, questions, and Tweets.  An eBook is nothing more than an expansion of content that’s turned into a step-by-step process.

As an example, let’s examine three of Tristan’s posts:

  1. How to Guarantee 100 Comments on a Blog Post
  2. 31 Awesome eBook Ideas for Any Niche
  3. 101+ Killer Blog Post Ideas

If Tristan wanted to, he could turn each into a small paid eBook:

  1. How to Double…Even Triple… Your Blog Comments in One Month (Okay, I stole this from the previous example)
  2. eBook Empire – How to Turn Existing Content into a Profitable eBook
  3. Writer’s Block Assassin – THE Guide to Never Running Out of Blog Post Ideas

Okay…the titles need a bit of work.  My point is you already have a potential eBook sitting on your blog.  The trick is to turn the best ones into actionable information products.

YOUR Homework Assignment

I’m not going to let you off easy.  Don’t read this post and think “it’s a good idea.”  Instead, take action by completing this homework assignment:

  1. Look at your blog posts.  Which ones generated a lot of *buzz* from readers?  These are the posts with a high number a lot of Tweets, comments, and questions.  Pick the five best from your blog.
  2. Ask a simple question:  “Is there anything I could add to this post?”  Figure out if there’s advanced information on this topic.  Perhaps you could include a case study or blueprint. Eliminate any idea that can’t be expanded.
  3. Set up a survey with the WP-Polls Plugin.  Ask readers and email subscribers to pick their biggest obstacle from this list.  Keep running this poll; eliminating options till you have a winner.
  4. Collect notes and include relevant blog posts.  Then flesh out the areas that need expanding.
  5. Write the eBook.  My advice is to work on it every day.  As an example, I dedicate over an hour each morning to my information product.  You can accomplish a lot with continuous effort!
  6. Find a payment processor.  The easiest solutions are E-Junkie and Clickbank.  They make it easy to sell eBooks.  Plus they don’t cost that much!

I’m not going to lie.  This isn’t an easy homework assignment.  You’ll have to work hard.  Fortunately you’ve already created most of the content.

Just follow the blueprint I’ve just outlined.  Identify the posts that get a high response and you’ll have the seeds for a profitable eBook.  Good luck!

Steve Scott runs a site that helps people achieve the Internet Lifestyle.  Here he teaches the same techniques that he’s personally used to earn a full-time Internet income.   To learn more, go read his blog: