I never do earnings or traffic reports for The Backlight, which is my main blog. But I figured I might as well do one for Amazopia, my still-new blog about Amazon.com news and tips and stuff. The site is about 3 months old now, and I started it from scratch. It’s the first news-style blog I’ve ever done, and I’m learning a lot along the way.

Earnings breakdown

I’ve made $126.65 so far in November. That money comes from two sources:

  • Google AdSense: $18.25
  • Amazon Associates: $108.40 (This is the Amazon affiliate program)

The AdSense is on my videos in the Amazopia YouTube channel. Actually, AdSense is currently only on something like 6 or 7 (out of 26) of my videos. And I only activated AdSense on the videos about two weeks ago. I expect this number to be higher next month after I put the ads on more videos and after having a whole month to earn money.

As for Amazon Associates, I sold 13 Kindles of various types, and those sales make up the biggest chunk of the $108.40. Whenever someone buys anything on Amazon after I send them to the site, I get a commission on the whole order.

Whenever I talk about a Kindle in a blog post, I include an affiliate link to the product’s page on Amazon.

I have a couple Amazon affiliate ads in the blog’s header…

The ads on top.

…and at the end of every post is this series of images, each of which is an affiliate link to whatever the Amazon page is. It looks like this:

Ads at the end of every post.

I think that this month’s Amazon Associate earnings will be higher than the average because of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but we’ll see.

Traffic summary

Here are the overall traffic stats for the past 30 days:


And here are the top traffic sources [click for the larger version]:

Traffic sources.

You’ll notice that people linked to my posts from forums. I didn’t do any of that (though I did submit the articles to Hacker News).

That massive spike is from Reddit. I wrote a blog post titled The Kindle Buyers’ Guide – Which Kindle Should You Buy? and submitted it to Reddit. It’s the first blog post of any kind I’ve posted to Reddit in years. It got 93 upvotes and drove lots of people to the blog. The average traffic after the spike is about double what it was before the spike. Nice.

I will talk about Reddit and how much I’m loving it these days (and not just because it brings me traffic) in a future blog post.

I have done nearly zero promotion of the blog. I have written zero guest posts. I advertise it only in the sidebar on The Backlight. I don’t leave comments on other blogs and hope to get traffic back. I don’t interact with anyone on social media (though Amazopia does have a Twitter account). I very occasionally post links to articles or videos on my personal Twitter, Google+, or Facebook accounts.

Here’s what I DO do:

  1. Write articles and get search engine traffic.
  2. Record lots of videos and get YouTube traffic.

And… That’s pretty much it. I did submit that one post to Reddit, but that’s not something I do for every post.

How I’m going to make more money

The most obvious traditional way to make more money with the website would be to get more traffic. But I don’t want to actively work on that. I don’t want to spend hours and hours a day on Amazopia. An hour or two a day is fine, and I’d prefer to spend that time researching and writing. That leaves no time for promotion.

So I’m going to optimize what I’m already doing. I’m going to enable ads on all of Amazopia’s YouTube videos, not just the 6 or 7 that they’re currently on.

Also, every link in the video descriptions on YouTube currently goes to Amazopia. Maybe I should just switch those directly to Amazon affiliate links. Because frankly, I don’t care if I get more traffic to the blog. I just want to make more money with that traffic, wherever it might be.

I’m also going to make more how-to articles and videos with search engine traffic in mind. I’ll go after specific keywords and terms. Up to this point I’ve just written about Amazon news and not really tried to optimize the subject matter or write articles about a certain topic I’m aiming to rank for.

Another thing I’m considering is adding affiliate links and banners to Chris Guthrie’s Niche Profit Course (that’s not an affiliate link). He’s got a course about creating websites and using Amazon Associates (remember, that’s the Amazon affiliate program) to make money from those sites. The course costs $97 and pays out a 50% affiliate commission. That sounds a lot better than the 6% or 7% Amazon pays.

There are probably other make-money-with-Amazon products out there, too. I’ll do some investigating to see if there’s anything I like more.

I’ve considered adding AdSense to the blog posts, but I’m not a huge fan of the way that looks, so I think I’ll hold off.

Other stats

Here are a few other miscellaneous notes:

  • The Amazopia YouTube channel’s videos currently have 135,126 views. That’s pretty freaking amazing.
  • The Amazopia YouTube channel has 93 subscribers.
  • Amazopia is now a PageRank 3 site, due almost entirely to the fact that there is a sidebar link to it from every page of The Backlight. The Backlight is a PR 4 site.
  • Amazopia’s Alexa rank is 307,010.

Final words

I’ll sum up my feelings right now with a few last notes:

1. Considering the relatively low amount of traffic the site gets and how new the site is, I’m very pleased with how the site is doing in terms of making money.

2. Video marketing is working EXTREMELY well for me and for this blog. It was worked EXTREMELY poorly for other niches I’ve been in. Like any blogging or Internet marketing videos I’ve done in the past have never done too well.

3. I love writing about Amazon and the Kindles. It’s a lot of fun and I’m learning a ton.

And… yeah! I’m looking forward to next month.

  • Do you have any questions for me?
  • How else can I market Amazopia?
  • What other ideas do you have that could help me make more money on the site?
  • How did YOUR sites do in November? How are you improving their traffic and money-making performance?
  • Is this something you’d like to see more of?