EDIT AUGUST 13, 2012: The site will be updated again soon. Don’t worry!


Well, 2012 is half over, and I figured it was a good time for reflection and assessing where I am in terms of my business. (And I’d love to hear how you’re doing, too!)

I’m really happy about the first half of the year in some ways and really not so happy in others.

The good

Surprisingly, the first half of my 2012 was characterized by two things that I had no real knowledge of when the year started out. Those two things are

  1. Kindle publishing and
  2. Free Kindle books

At the start of the year, I had written and published precisely zero Kindle ebooks. I have now written and published 8 and consider myself something of an expert on the subject.

As for free Kindle books, fkb.me is my site where I link to the best free Kindle books every day. I started the site in February just to see if it would work (by “work” I mean “make money”), and I was pleasantly surprised by the results. It has become a focus of mine over the last month or so.

fkb.me has also been the object of my first paid advertising campaigns. I’ve tried out Reddit ads, Facebook ads, GoodReads ads, and ads on a couple different individual blogs. I won’t say yet what has worked well and not so well, but it’s been really fascinating (and profitable) to try out paid advertising. Plus it saves me a TON of time.

Another highlight of 2012 so far has been getting a Chrome extension made. It was actually just finished last week (I paid someone on Elance to make it). It makes creating Amazon Associates (affiliate) links a LOT faster and easier if you have multiple tracking IDs. It’s something I might sell in the future, but in the mean time it’s making my life a whole lot easier.

The bad

The bad highlight of 2012 thus far has been my inability to get Infographic Academy back up and running. I just haven’t had any desire to work on it, which is stupid. It would only take a few days of concentrated effort. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I’ve also been neglecting The Backlight somewhat. Updates have been sporadic and I’ve been late when it comes to responding to comments, if I’ve responded at all.

The plan

Here are my goals and plans for the second half of 2012:

  1. Bring Infographic Academy back to life.
  2. Create two other digital/video courses. One will be about creating great ebook covers, the other will be about formatting Kindle books.
  3. Create 30 more Kindle books. I know that number seems ridiculous, but don’t worry. I have a plan :)
  4. Give more love and attention to The Backlight once I have Infographic Academy up and running. By this I mean adding more content to the blog and also marketing the blog more.

To ensure that I do get that darn Infographic Academy course back up, I’m going to impose a blogging restriction on myself. I will not blog again on The Backlight until Infographic Academy is live. This will push me because I don’t want the blog here to lay fallow for too long. Hopefully I’ll be back here within a couple weeks or by the end of July at the very latest.

I’ll see you then :)

  • How was YOUR first half of 2012? What did you get done? What did you want to get done but didn’t?
  • What are you going to accomplish in the second half of 2012?