I suck at keeping New Year’s resolutions. Like… REALLY suck at it. I don’t think I’ve ever kept one for more than a couple weeks, let alone a full year.

I want this year to be different. I’ve got a few different goals and resolutions for the year, but I think that sharing this particular one with you will 1) be very beneficial to you (keep reading, I’ll explain how), and 2) keep me on track so that I can actually achieve it.

In short, I’ve got too much crap and I’m tired of it. So my resolution is to get rid of at least one thing every day.

Oh, and I’m going to blog about it.

Here are a number of things you should know about this whole adventure:

1. I’ve got way too much stuff

I’m a 24 year old recent college graduate. I live in a small room in a ghetto old house with 5 of my buddies, and I love it. Luckily, my room can only hold so much crap. So the amount of clutter there is limited. But unluckily, I have a massive storage unit where I dump all of my clothes, books, outdoor equipment, and anything else I’m too lazy to properly dispose of. The goal is to be able to fit all of my possessions into my car, a 1996 Plymouth Breeze.

My Plymouth Breeze!

My snowy Breeze.

That’s a picture of the Breeze this morning. We got lots of snow last night…

2. I’m starting a new blog to document this adventure

Yup, a new blog. “Are you crazy?? Aren’t you busy enough with Blogging Bookshelf?”

Yes. And… yes.

You might have realized by now that I love blogging. And part of that love is the thrill of starting up new blogs. I love it! Blogging Bookshelf will always be my #1 priority, focus, and favorite child, but I want to do other stuff too, dangit!

“Ok, fair enough. Your funeral. What is this new blog, anyway?”

Patience! I’ll tell you near the end of the post.

Starting a new blog is therapy for me; letting all of the ideas out is therapeutic. Even if I decide that in a few months I absolutely hate this new blog and never want to see it again, at least I’ll have crossed that one off of the list and can move on to the next one in peace.

3. Niche blogging 2.0

I’ve never been a huge fan of building niche sites for a few reasons:

  • Why spend time and effort writing about something that’s profitable if I don’t give a crap about it? It’s just not worth it.
  • I know (at least, I believe) that one big blog is potentially more lucrative and powerful than several smaller blogs. Why spend so much time on little sites that individually never add up to much?
  • I never liked how people were so “secretive” about their niches.

So I’m taking a different route. You might have noticed that I already do have a couple smaller projects going like Blog Tips To Go and KeywordLuv.com. Neither of these takes more than a couple hours a week to maintain. The goal of these, besides giving me another outlet for my blogging ADD, is really to just send traffic back to Blogging Bookshelf. Those are going to be more search engine oriented sites, whereas Blogging Bookshelf is a community-oriented blog.

Anyway, this little graphic illustrates the point I’m trying to make:

Niche Blogging 2.0

Each of those small blogs is/will be a valuable resource to readers in its own right. Each of those blogs will get traffic from Google and elsewhere (but mainly from Google). And each of those blogs will send traffic back to the moneymaker that is Blogging Bookshelf. The traffic might not always be super targeted (as in the case of my getting-rid-of-one-thing-a-day blog back to here), but I feel like any traffic is good traffic.

In other words, my one main project benefits from all of my niche sites.

Make sense?

5. There’s another reason I’m doing this little project

So I want to declutter my life. Yes. That’s true. But I also want $1000.

See, there’s a sweeeeet domain name that I want. But it’s a thousand bucks. I don’t have a thousand extra bucks to spend on that domain name right now.

I’m going to be giving away a lot of stuff for free (to my friends, to the thrift store, maybe even the Blogging Bookshelf readers, etc.), but I’m also going to sell some stuff to make some extra cash. I want me that domain name.

6. This will be interesting, I promise!

So here’s how it’ll work. I’ll post pictures of and a little story about each item I get rid of. I’ll talk about why I have it, etc.

Should be fun!

And you want to know what would be even MORE fun? If you joined with me in getting rid of one thing every day!

7. So what’s the blog???

It is… Declutterings.com.

Go check out Declutterings!

8. Other stuff…

Regarding naming the new site… I’m an avid domainer. I have bought and sold hundreds of domain names. One little trick I’ve learned is to add an -s to my keywords to get a good domain name. Declutterings.com is the second one I’ve done that to. I also have probloggings.com (there’s nothing there, so don’t bother looking). These kinds of domains are great because not only do they have the keyword in the domain name, but they’re brandable. And very few of these domains are taken!

So if I’m getting rid of one thing every day, does that mean I’m going to have a blog post at Declutterings every day? No. Probably not. I do not like feeling like I need to blog every day. I’ll post there every day if I feel like it. Otherwise, I might skip a few days and then have a post that talks about 3 things I got rid of in that time.

That’s another aspect of all of these smaller sites… I’m going to work on them whenever I want to work on them!

I got the idea for this blog last night at about 6. I let the idea stew in my head a bit to make sure it was something I really wanted to do, did some SEO competition analysis with Market Samurai, and by 7:30 I’d bought the domain name and installed WordPress. Another hour and a half or so and I got the design looking halfway decent (I installed and customized Thesis, my WordPress theme of choice). And that’s it! And we’re off!  and had set up a Feedburner feed, etc.

Moral of the story? If you’ve got an idea, get on it! What’s the worst that could happen? You get sick of it or you see no results from it. Oooo! Scary! At most you’re out $10 for the domain name and some of your time.

Not a big deal, right?

And finally, the fewer distractions around me I have, the less distracted I’ll be. I’ll be able to blog better and harder than ever before!

That pretty much covers it!

Well, that’s all for this time around, folks. When I started Blogging Bookshelf, I stopped all of the other blogs I was working on to focus solely on this bad boy. But that itch to create something new is just too strong.

Might my time be better spent if I just focus it all on Blogging Bookshelf? Yeah, probably. But for me there’s more to this blogging thing than just having a successful blog. This is my life and my blog, and I can go about it however I darn well please!

And THAT is what has always drawn me to blogging as a lifestyle in the first place. I get to make my own rules and do things how I want to do them :)


  • Do you think this is a dumb idea?
  • Do you want to join me in my quest to rid myself of junk? (I’d love for you to post as a comment every day what YOU get rid of, too!)
  • Did you learn anything even remotely useful from this post??
  • What are YOUR New Year’s resolutions or goals for 2011?

Let me know!