You see the little retweet buttons on almost every blog. You see the Facebook like or share buttons a lot. You see the StumbleUpon and Digg buttons quite frequently, too.

But have you seen BizSugar buttons? How about Blokube? SERPd? BlogEngage? Have you ever heard of these social bookmarking services? Have you used them?

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been on a quest to see how useful these services really are for bloggers. I wanted to know if they were worth my time.

Let’s just cut straight to the chase here. For the most part, they ARE worth your time. But I think that’s only true if you blog about blogging or internet marketing or something like that. Most of my posts apply to all bloggers, but this one… not so much (but keep reading because I do have some hope for you!).

Note 1: That’s my guess. I blog about blogging, so these social bookmarking sites are a fit for me. I haven’t used other social bookmarking sites for any other niche because, well, I don’t know what they are. Your specific niche might or might not have specific social bookmarking sites.

Note 2: Someone should create a lifestyle design/personal development social bookmarking service. I think there are enough of those blogs out there that it could be pretty popular. But I digress…

Depending on whether your screen resolution is a certain size, you may or may not have noticed these 4 buttons on the left side of your screen when you look at one of my blog posts:

Niche social bookmarking sites toolbar

Those are the niche social bookmarking buttons for BlogEngage, SERPd, Blokube, and BizSugar, respectively (from top to bottom). Again, they won’t show up on everybody’s computer because that little vertical bar only appears if your computer has a certain resolution.

Here are the traffic stats from these services in the last week. I’ve left StumbleUpon (a social bookmarking site, but not a niche social bookmarking site) in there for comparison:

Niche Social Bookmarking Sites Traffic

As you can see, I’ve gotten some traffic from each of these (and remember, this is for a week), but some definitely more than others.  162 visits from BizSugar? Sweet! That’s 23 a day. I’ll take it! 8 from SERPd? Hmmm… Not so good.

I won’t go into detail about the other numbers or sites because I think everything else is self-evident. The one thing that I’d like to call to your attention, though, is the percentage of visitors that are in the % New Visits column. That’s a lot of brand new people to my blog every day, especially since getting those visitors requires very little time and effort on my part. THAT is why social bookmarking is so powerful.

What niches are these particular social bookmarking sites good for?

Here are the taglines for these 4 services, plus the categories that you can submit articles under (note that a lot of these have sub-categories, but I won’t go into those here).


Tagline: Share small business news and tips.

Categories: Marketing, Finance, Franchises, Global, Legal, Management, News, Technology, Startups


Tagline: Search engine marketing and blogging news.

Categories: Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Link Building, Business, PPC, SEM, Searching, Usability, WordPress, Design, Affiliates


Ok, so BlogEngage really isn’t a niche social bookmarking site, because they’ve got a category for pretty much everything. But it’s still a relatively small social bookmarking site, and that’s why I’ve included it here. If you don’t blog about internet marketing or business or blogging, HERE is where your hope lies. Note, though, that to be a BlogEngage member costs a few dollars a month. [EDIT: Nope, it doesn’t! There are a few premium plans starting at a couple bucks a month, but the basic services are free. Thanks Richard!]

Tagline: Engage with bloggers.

Categories: Design, BlogEngage News, Blog Templates, Blogging Tips, Technology, Business, Science, Entertainment, Sports, Gaming, Environmental, Personal Blogs, Health and Fitness, Home and Garden, Firearms and Weapons, Social Networking, Product Reviews, News, Contests, General Blogging, Tutorials, Self Improvement


Tagline: Search engine and internet marketing news.

Categories: Blogging, SEO, SEM, WordPress, Link Building, Domains, Copywriting, PPC, Design, Google, Bing, Analytics


If your blog fits into one of the above categories at all, you’re good to go. If not… I don’t know what to tell you. Go for Digg, StumbleUpon, or one of the larger social bookmarking sites. Or start your own :)

What plugin do you use for that toolbar thing on the side of the screen that the buttons are in?

I went through several different ones before finding one I liked. It’s called Sharebar, and you can download it here. It’s comes with support for most of the above-mentioned social bookmarking sites, and makes it easy to add code for any others.

Final words

The most important thing to remember about all of this (as with all blogging advice) is to try it out and see for yourself what works well for you and your blog and what doesn’t. You might get a ton of traffic from SERPd and none from BizSugar. I get a fair amount of traffic from StumbleUpon (not that it’s very good traffic…), but very little from Digg. See what works for you!

I’ll probably keep all of those buttons on my blog because it’s easy traffic!

  • Have you tried these social bookmarking sites?
  • If so, what were your experiences?
  • Is your niche covered in one of the above social bookmarking sites?
  • What other social bookmarking sites have you tried?