I don’t use my personal Facebook account much for business/self-promotion purposes, mainly because I find it annoying when my friends do it. And I don’t want to be annoying. But I recently found a great way to show people what I’m working on without being annoying.

I created an album and uploaded ebook covers and blog/website screenshots to it. In the description for each one, I include a link back to the blog or the ebook’s page on Amazon.

Here are my Facebook albums (with the work album in the top-left spot, if it somehow isn’t obvious):

My Albums

My albums. The first one is my work album.

And once you click on that album, this is what you see:

Inside the album.

My ebook covers and blog screenshots inside the album.

There’s another benefit of promoting your content like this — it remains visible. Any link or blog post that you share on Facebook is normally buried and gone (that is, few people will see it) after, what, half a day or so? No one will find it after that. But when you post images into albums, they’re there forever. Whenever someone clicks to see your photos, they’ll see that album with your work content in it.

I’ve been tracking some of the links from the image descriptions, and people have indeed been clicking through to the ebooks’ Amazon pages from Facebook. Excellent!

So what could you use this for? What types of things could you post to Facebook albums?

  • eBook covers (as already mentioned)
  • Blog screenshots (as already mentioned)
  • Blog post screenshots
  • Blog graphics
  • Infographics (your own, of course)
  • Screenshots of especially interesting/funny/helpful tweets of yours

You could even have separate albums for blogs, ebook covers, and so on. Of course, if you do this too often, you’ll still be that annoying Facebook friend who is always doing self-promotion junk. Keep that in mind, and don’t be that person.

So what do you think? Useful? Still annoying? Will you start a work/blog album on Facebook? Sound off in the comments!