After thinking a lot about what work I want to focus on in 2015, I realized that Osmosio will be more of a distraction to me than anything else. The truth is that I’d rather spend my time writing and working on new books than creating content for Osmosio.

In the last few months since Osmosio launched, I had to force myself to work on it. That’s not a good sign. I want to work on what I really love to do, namely writing. Each hour I spend working on content for Osmosio is an hour I that I don’t spend writing.

On top of that, Osmosio memberships were not very popular. I didn’t sell many. I’ve decided that I’d rather refund the money of everyone that signed up than continue working on the site. If you signed up for Osmosio and have not yet received a refund, you will soon.

Osmosio is shutting down. The Digital Publishing Podcast will also be on hiatus until further notice for the same reasons (i.e., it’s distracting me from the writing that I really want to be doing), though I may start the podcast back up again in the future. I will be focusing in 2015 on writing nonfiction travel/adventure books, and you can follow along with those adventures at my personal blog, The Aloof.

Let me know (email me at products at longrangemedia dot com) if you have any questions about Osmosio shutting down. And as always, I’m happy to answer any questions about digital publishing in general.