For the past several months, I haven’t given this blog too much attention. But I’m back in full force now for 2012, and there are some great things in the works that’ll make the blog better than ever.

I’ve spent the last several months traveling, playing, and working on infoproducts and other blogs, but I’ve missed the blog here and will breathe some life back into it starting… NOW.

My blog posting will be more consistent. I think that Tuesdays will be my official posting days, so you can expect a new post here on Tuesday of every week (except for this week, since I’m publishing this on Monday). I might also post on Fridays (I definitely will this upcoming Friday, though).

I’ll again start replying to every comment I get on a new blog post. I used to do this religiously but got out of the habit. It sucks, and I’m sorry. But it’s a new year and I’m turning over a new leaf.

I’m going to release one infoproduct every month. Not all of them will be blogging/marketing-related (in fact most probably won’t), so I may or may not go into exact details here, but I’ll have all sorts of awesome stuff to share regardless.

I’m going to be starting up a podcast pretty soon. I know I’ve said this before but I’m serious this time around. No, really.

I’ve been ignoring Twitter, but that is now over. I’m now tweeting regularly again via two Twitter accounts:

  • @TheBacklight – Just auto-tweets about The Backlight’s blog post updates, and that’s it. I won’t be over there much.
  • @TristanHigbee – More tweets about infoproduct creation, internet marketing, and other stuff I’m up to. This is the place to be if you want to interact with me.

And while I’m talking about Twitter, let me explain my Twitter policy a bit so you know what you’re getting into if you follow me. I’m not a fan of auto-tweeting stuff. I’m not on Triberr. I don’t do Twitter spam, and you won’t get 100 tweets from me in an hour. Apart from the once-a-week automatic tweets that get sent out when I update The Backlight (which I’d be tweeting about anyway), I don’t do any auto-tweeting. Everything else I tweet about is directly from me, not a robot.

So in other words, everything’s just going to be better. I’ve got renewed commitment and passion to make The Backlight as awesome as it can be.

For those who have sent me an email wondering, I promise that Infographic Academy will be open again by February 1.

Let me just finish up with this:


I'm sorry


And yes, you can expect a lot more comics and infographics from me in the future.