This is a free, downloadable, printable PDF ebook that I wrote because I like blog planning and I like lists. Whenever I start (or think of starting) a new blog, I make a bunch of lists. The lists are so that I can have a fully-developed idea of what I want my blog to be like in terms of content and design, plus what my roadmap is for things like promotion and monetization. When all of these lists come together, you get the Blog Planning Kit.

I got tired of just writing out all of the notes randomly on normal paper and never quite remembering all of the things that I should think out, so I digitized the whole thing. Out of the kindness of my heart, I’ve made it freely available to all :)

You can download the PDF at the end of this post and distribute it freely. It’d be great if you retweeted it. Below is a list of all of the 8 pages:

  1. Intro
  2. Blog Overview
  3. Blog Post Ideas
  4. Blog Marketing Channels
  5. Monetization Strategy
  6. Guest Blogging Chart and Schedule
  7. Blog Layout
  8. Weekly Blogging Schedule

And here’s what the 8 pages look like:

So yeah. That’s it! Again, leave feedback below if you’ve got comments or suggestions.