You’ll need to click on this post’s title to see what I did on this day.


  • 2:30 – 3:00 Responded to comments on the blog
  • 4:00 – 4:45 Commented on other blogs off and on
  • 4:45 – 7:15 Got serious about commenting on other blogs
  • 8:00 – 11:00 Worked on post some more (including time spent editing the graphics and making another graphic)
  • (About half an hour of that was for replying to comments on blog and writing a couple emails)
  • 12:00 – 12:30 Did some secret guest post stuff that you’ll see on Blogging Bookshelf on Wednesday.
  • 12:30 – 1:30 Finished writing and editing the post for Monday. Whew!
  • 1:30 – 2:00 Did more commenting (I commented on 37 blogs today)
  • 2:00-2:30 Read The Long Tail before bed.

In addition, I spent about an hour tweaking Blog Tips To Go. I edited the About and Guest Post pages and fiddled with the design a bit.

Total time spent on the blog today: ~8 hours, plus 1 hour on BTTG. I also added a couple new blogs to


  • Another long day.