You’ll need to click on this post’s title to see what I did on this day.


  • Today was another day when I didn’t want to track the exact time  spent.
  • I played with the design of Declutterings a bit more.
  • I read a ton of blogs and commented on a ton of blogs.
  • I wrote a post for Declutterings and Blog Tips To Go.
  • I started using and it’s pretty cool! I’ve temporarily disabled Popup Domination while I try it out.
  • I set up the Domains for Sale page.
  • Read some more in The Long Tail, but didn’t finish it.
  • Studied up on CSS

Total time spent on the blog today: ~12 hours.


  • I forgot to mention yesterday that I joined Third Tribe. I spent some time in there today, but not much. Does anyone know how to sign up for the affiliate program?