You’ll need to click on this post’s title to see what I did on this day.

Today is the first day of my new blogging diary. Up until now, I’ve been recording my activities and the time spent on them. But I realized that the time spent didn’t matter, and I could easily spend 4 or 5 hours a day reading blogs and not really get anything productive done. So instead of recording the time I spend, I’m just going to record the things I get done.


  • Read all emails.
  • Read all new comments on the blog post.
  • Wrote a post for
  • Wrote a Declutterings post.
  • Replied to all comments on most recent post.
  • Updatd the Mentions page with several new mentions.
  • Wrote a guest post for Darren Rowse’s new FeelGooder blog and submitted it.
  • Write a guest post for and submitted it.
  • Replied to all Declutterings comments.
  • Replied to @mentions on Twitter and tweeted several posts throughout the day.
  • Commented on a small handful of blogs. Tomorrow will be a bigger commenting day.

Both of the guest posts I wrote today are pretty different. The ComLuv one might even offend some people, so it’ll be interesting to see if they get published.

I also spent about an hour today going through GoDaddy Auctions looking at expiring domain names. I do this every so often, and have been doing it more ever since they introduced being able to sort search results by domain age. Aged domain names generally rank higher than non-aged ones. I bought a one-word domain name that’s 7 years old a few days ago for $8 ($16 including another year of registration). I should be able to sell it for high $xx or low $xxx. Not bad, not bad at all.

Overall, I’m pleased with my day today. I got a lot of things done and was still able to watch a movie and hang out with friends.


  • Returned an unwanted gift to the store.
  • Went to the post office to send off a book that I sold through Amazon.
  • Washed my car.