You’ll need to click on this post’s title to see what I did on this day.

I didn’t get nearly as much done today as I needed to. Bah. I guess that means tomorrow will be extra intense.

  • Woke up at 10 after 6 hours of sleep.
  • Checked Blog and Twitter (13 comments, 15 RTs), did some reading in The Long Tail.
  • Had 31 emails in my inbox when I woke up
  • 10:25-11:30 replied to comments (there are now 34 after replying)
  • 11:47-11:52 thanked the people who RTd
  • Spent some time researching domains while eating lunch and taking a “break”
  • 1:37 Bought 5 new domain names from GoDaddy, including 1 .tv and 4 .coms
  • 1:45-2:35 Set up my new “Daily Blogging Diary” category and page and got it looking OK
  • Bought this headset mic for Skype
  • Ran a bunch of errands and played with friends
  • 12:15-1:25 Replied to comments and @mentions, followed 22 people who followed me.
  • 1:25-2 Read The Long Tail.¬†Am going to bed early tonight. Even though I didn’t get a ton accomplished on the blog today, I’m exhausted.
  • My last post is at 25 RTs and 56 comments as of bed time.