Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been on a mission to simplify my online presence and my internet business. The result has been an agressive purging campaign that would make Stalin proud.

Amazopia.com – Ah, Amazopia. This is a news blog about Amazon- and Kindle-related news. I started the blog about a year ago and there are currently 412 articles on the site. It makes about $100 a month (and the YouTube channel has 500,000+ views), but I just got a little bit tired of updating it (I’ve done zero promotion of it for the past six months or so). Well, no, that’s not true. It’s not the actual updating part that bothered me, it’s just that I kind of stopped caring about what I was writing about. And the final death blow was me moving to Mexico, where I don’t have access to the newest Kindles.

The site and domain and everything are still up, but I don’t think I’ll be updating it anymore. I’ll just let it continue to make some money through AdSense ads on the videos and Amazon affiliate sales.

CuteAWESOME.com – This is a blog I started just for fun. I’d post a picture of something cute (e.g., a kitten) and then a picture of something awesome (e.g., a funny photo or beautiful scenery). I deleted the blog (~180 subscribers), the domain name (PR 2), the Facebook page (I think ~300 fans), and the associated Pinterest board (~700 followers). I deleted it because

  1. I was bored with the site. Updating it wasn’t fun anymore.
  2. It relied entirely on other people’s content. I credited the original source when I could find it, but just posting others’ photos is not very fulfilling.

DailyPoetryClub.com – I deleted this domain. I deleted the blog that was on the domain a couple years ago. Every day I’d post a poetry prompt and people would write a poem based on that topic. The site was active for over a year but I got tired both of updating it and of writing poems. I did turn my best and favorite poems into a Kindle book, though (written under a pen name). I had deleted the website about a year ago but just deleted the domain last week.

Freestanding Hangboard Plans – This was a PDF ebook that I charged $5 for. It was an instructional book about how to build this. It’s a rock climbing training thing. The domain name and site are still there but I put up a site-wide “This is no longer available” notice and removed the ebook from e-Junkie.

I deleted the book because I don’t particularly like selling PDF ebooks and because it didn’t sell particularly well. I sold anywhere from 2-6 a month. Not very many. I prefer Kindle books because I can sell more (and therefore make more money) with less work. So I decided to give this book away as a freebie to those who buy my rock climbing Kindle book that does sell well. I’ll delete the site and domain as soon as I update my Kindle book to include the relevant download information.

LinguaBible – This was a set of 6 PDF ebooks of the New Testament. The English version of the text was on the left side of the page and the text in another language (there were Russian, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and German versions) was on the right side of the page.

I only ever sold a handful of these. I’ll probably offer them up for free somewhere. If you want one or all of them, shoot me an email and I’ll send them to you.

7 Small Tumblr blogs – I deleted several small Tumblr blogs and all of their content. These included

  • A blog about zombies (which I used to send some traffic to FreeZombieBooks.com). But like with CuteAWESOME.com, it was just very unfulfilling to only post other people’s stuff.
  • Vowels.me, a blog about language. I also deleted the vowels.me domain name. I started this blog because I had plans to write an ebook about how to study and learn foreign languages, and I was going to advertise the ebook on the blog. I still plan on writing an ebook like that, but I lost interest in updating the blog. I also now have a more robust platform on which I can advertise any future language-related book.

And I also deleted 5 other small blogs that were insignificant.

TheAmazonShow.com – This is a domain that redirected to a podcast I did as part of Amazopia.com. I deleted the domain because I stopped doing the podcast after a few episodes.

eBookCoverage.com – This was a little site that gave examples of good and bad ebook covers. It made about $5-$10 a month in Amazon affiliate earnings. I had grand plans to build the site out into more of a destination site, but other things came up and got in the way. There is now an under construction page when you go there.

GetPoweradeCoupons.com – This is a niche site that I deleted. I deleted both the domain and the blog because I hate niche sites. They offer very little of value to the internet as a whole and I kind of felt dirty building and owning the thing. It made about $50 in AdSense earnings in the first couple months but then got pushed back to obscurity in Google’s search results. I never had any interest in reviving it.

I also deleted a few other domains that I no longer needed or wanted. And while going through my domain names (I still have about 37), I realized that MakeMoneyBlogging.net (which I own) was finally un-banned from Google! Sweet! Now I just need to figure out what to do with it…

And finally, I un-followed some of the more frequent and annoying folks over on Twitter.

What now?

So what did I accomplish? What was the point of all of this? Well, I’ve now reassessed my priorities and gotten rid of the excess. Everything that’s left is something that I’m actively engaged in. All of the blogs I have left (like fkb.me, The Backlight, FreeZombieBooks.comclimbs.me, etc.) and all of the products I have left (like my 38 Kindle books, Infographic Academy, and a new blogging-related product that I’m developing) are things that I’m excited about, that I enjoy, and that are making me money. I have more time and desire to focus on the things that are most important.

In other words, there are no more distractions, and I just feel lighter.

  • Is it time for you to purge your online life?
  • What aspects of your online life can/should/will you clean up in the near future? What have you done in the past?